NASA?s James Webb Space Telescope reveals never-before-seen images of Jupiter

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently revealed several amazing and never-before-seen snapshots from outer space, clicked by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Earlier, the James Webb Telescope showed us several full-colour images of deep outer space, which was still unexplored by scientists.

Jupiter and its Moons

The images of Jupiter captured by the James Webb Space Telescope are some of the clearest images of the planet that we have, again resplendent in full colour.

The images were released by NASA as a test for the James Webb Space Telescope before it went deeper and started exploring other parts of the universe

The James Webb telescope shows Jupiter’s moons like Europa, Thebe, and Metis in greater detail, as well as the Great Red Spot, which is a planetary storm massive enough to destroy the Earth.

Dying Star Captured By James Webb Space Telescope

The powerful space telescope also captured the beautiful image of a dying star, with its bright halo seemingly fading out, surrounded by a gleaming layer of molecular hydrogen.

All images taken from official NASA website