How to get your mattress right, for a cosy sleep in the night?

It is not easy to determine the best mattress to buy, especially these days, when there are so many options.

Most people tend to re-buy the mattress similar to the one they have been using because they fear making a costly mistake or because they are not sure if the other options will meet their needs.

Apart from that, getting information about various types of mattresses takes so much time yet people have so little time to spend on it.

Here is a guide that introduces you to main types of mattresses that are currently available in the market. With this guide, you will be well equipped to select a mattress that will meet your needs.

Pillowtops, coil and innerspring mattresses

The first type of mattress is the pillow tops, coil and innerspring. These types of mattresses have a box spring base, padding layers and mattress springs. They all have a support system on their metal coils. There are many types of spring systems being used for example the independent pocket springs and connected Bonnell coils. Their quality is determined by the number of coils and the gauge. If the gauge is low, the coils are less. The 14-gauge is considered to be the highest quality. The number of coils can be arbitrary but the idea is that if the coils are many then the mattress will contour well and will support you well when you sleep. Also padding, foam and stuffing are used on top of coils in order to offer a more comfortable sleeping area. These type of mattresses range from latex, basic quilting to memory foam and can be a number of inches thick.

Innerspring Mattress with Pillow Top. | Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Memory Foam mattresses

[su_pullquote]Memory foam contours to the shape of the person and distributes the weight uniformly, thus eliminating pressure points caused by the heavy sections of the body like the shoulders and hips.[/su_pullquote]

The second common type of mattress you can find at is memory foam. Memory foam is a unique material which contours to the shape of the person who sleeps on it. It also distributes the weight applied on it uniformly on its surface thus eliminating pressure points caused by the heavy sections of the body like the shoulders and hips. The construction of memory foam mattresses differs slightly between various manufacturers. The memory foam section makes the upper layer of the mattress which can be between two to eight inches thick. The base foam that is denser is used to support it. They can also have several layers of foam which have varying properties and some manufacturers cut air channels in those layers in order to lower heat. The memory foam mattresses are best for people who suffer from back problems.

Latex mattresses

The third type of mattresses is latex. This type of mattress features a simple construction of beds. A genuine latex mattress will have latex foam as both the comfort layers and the support core. When the foam is manufactured, it gets cured, cut and layered to form a bed. These layers may be glued together or just left like that and the mattress can have various covers ranging from wool to cotton and many others. Latex mattresses are highly durable and they also have more benefits like natural contouring without heat retention, slow response or chemical odours.

Latex mattress layer. | Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Waterbeds mattresses

The next type of mattress is the waterbeds. A waterbed mattress uses a water chamber as its support system. There are two types of waterbeds, soft-sided and hard sided beds. The hard sided waterbed has a water chamber in a wooden frame that is rectangular in shape. The soft sided one has a water chamber in the rectangular frame of rigid foam and it is zippered in a fabric casing. The water chamber is covered by either upholstery material or padding. Waterbeds are constructed to look like conventional beds that fit in the available room furniture.

Featured Image Source: Ink Photography Productions

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