International Shipping Initiated by an Indian Furniture House

The Indian furniture industry has expanded at unprecedented rates. The industry is expected to cross the $30 billion hurdle in the next five years if the estimates are to be believed. The industry has been largely an import-based unorganized sector. In such a scenario, when the news of an Indian furniture house making unprecedented leaps comes into knowledge, it is a pleasant surprise for all the people associated with the industry.

Insaraf, one of the leading furniture and home décor manufacturers and sellers in India has recently started international shipping of all the offered products. By doing this, the group has entered the élite club of Indian businesses to have achieved the feat. In today’s business scenario, shipping internationally might not sound like a great deal to a majority of people. However, transportation of furniture is a complex task that involves the participation of different dimensions of the business. No organization could successfully export the products in absence of a well-managed supply chain management module.

The shipping processes adopted by  is simple. The customers need to place orders on the website. It takes approximately 48 hours for the company’s representatives to take note of the exact requirements of the customer and come up with a solution. The company follows highest norms of quality and transportation standards to make sure that the customers receive the products without any physical mishandling. This has been possible after consolidating the supply chain management and logistics management modules of the company in the past few months.

The company is open to transport the products to all parts of the world. This could be underlined with the fact that the company has a long-range of satisfied customers in various locations in the United States, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

The Indian furniture industry is going through a very interesting phase where the demand has exceeded the supply, especially when it comes to the demand of the India-made furniture in the overseas markets. In such a scenario, the company has this opportunity to expand the operations in different parts of the world. There are a number of challenges in the international marketing and logistics; however, has shown that with well-managed processes in place, the challenges could be smoothly overcome. faced some of the most obvious challenges faced by any manufacturer whilst transporting the goods to different parts of the world. The challenges include regulatory compliances, management of supply chain, foreign exchange regulations, and changes in the government policies. By having a well-managed internal control system, team has been able to successfully take up orders from different parts of the world and provide the customers with the desired products. The payment-related procedures have also been standardized in the past couple of months to ensure that the international customers’ orders are taken account of.

The company has also undertaken a few steps to mark its presence in the Indian market during the past few months. Besides the online store and app, that the customers could use to browse through a wide range of products, has come up with bricks and mortar stores in different cities, with the latest addition in Hyderabad. With this, the total number of destinations of physical stores has reached to four, one each in New Delhi, Bangalore, Surat, and now at Hyderabad.

The new store will have all the contemporary, modern, and traditional furniture and home décor products at the display. Hyderabad store is one of the most significant stops in the domestic expansion of the brand. The company further plans to come up with new stores in cities such as Pune and Chennai by April 2018.

Apart from the financial returns, the company’s decision-makers are most excited about the overall increase in the interest of the potential customers in the furniture and home décor products of the company. This could be noticed by the overall increase in the traffic catered by the app and the website in the past few months. It is presumed that international expansion will help the company in delivering some of the best Indian products to customers located all across the world. is growing at a phenomenal pace simply due to the positive outlook of the management. As the CEO, Raghunandan Saraf says:

“Our core competency lies in producing the highest quality products and delivering them flawlessly at the doorsteps of the customers. For this, we not only work on the lean manufacturing processes but also on strengthening the logistics.”