7 Effective Tips In Increasing Productivity Using Technology

Is technology good or bad for your business?

Some businesses complain that their productivity dropped because of technology. Employees spend countless hours scrolling through their smartphone. Others feel that mindlessly scrolling through social media pages have been a part of their employee’s daily routine. 

While others blame technology for the drop in their productivity, others are thankful for it. If used correctly, technology can be an aid to your success. 

Below are some tips on how to maximize technology to improve your team’s productivity. 

Enable Collaboration Tools

Every business should have collaboration. This is where ideas are formed and processes are harnessed. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to be in the same cubicle to collaborate. 

The cloud-based application enables users to share documents even if they are a million miles apart. They can easily access data and information. Using this technology surely increases operational efficiency.

Communication has also been made easy. You can choose which suits best for you – an email, messenger, call, video chat or conference call. Technology made collaboration easier and possible despite your location.

Connect Workforces

Technology has made hiring remote employees possible. A start-up business can hire someone that is offshore. With more remote employees rising, this lessens the need for a physical office. 

Start-up business can save tons of money when they don’t have a huge physical office to pay for and maintain. Because of technology, remote workers get connected with each other real time. They can discuss ideas and contribute to the process despite being thousands of miles away. 

Employees are more productive when they have easy access to all the information and support that they can get. 

Provides Better Communication

How does it feel when an employee can’t reach you in times of need? 

How would your customers feel when they can’t contact you real time when they have queries or concerns? 

A gap in communication is not good for your business. Create a bridge to connect the gap by utilizing technology. Through emails, instant messaging or video call, your employees can reach you anytime and anywhere. They can get all the support that they need with vast resources from the internet. 

Through your website or social media accounts, your customers can get in touch with your team. They can conveniently call your hotline or email your support team for any concerns. Your employees will feel more empowered when they satisfy more customers. An empowered employee works harder and more productively. 

Efficient Organization

Remember the time when everything was still on papers? You would need to work your way through piles of paperwork to look for something. 

Technology has made organization and storing of files easier. You can create your file in an application like Google spreadsheet. Whenever you need a certain data, you can just conveniently access the file. You don’t even need to be in the office to get these files. 

Your team saves a lot of time because of the better organizational process. They can certainly use this time for more important tasks. Better ideas are made when they have extra time on their hands. 

Explore Virtualization

More businesses are virtualizing their traditional infrastructure. This is an answer to the increasing cost of on-premises environments.

What does virtualization mean? 

Network virtualization allows the network administrator to automate many tasks that were performed manually. It also allows one hardware platform to support multiple virtual devices. It is not only cost-efficient but it also helps increase productivity. 

Virtualizing your network boosts IT productivity. It also offers an improved security and recovery of files. Having a virtual copy of your infrastructure can make your whole office productive.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Imagine sitting in front of your computer and waiting for a file to load. Or perhaps working through piles of paperwork to search for one piece of information.

Old technologies and obsolete processes don’t just waste your employees’ time. It can also lead to frustration and burn-out. They feel they are not accomplishing much when they’re spending too much time waiting. 

Providing up-to-date technology and efficient processes empower your employees. When they accomplish a lot of stuff in a quick period of time, they feel that they are superhuman. Providing better production is effective in boosting the morale of your employees.

Your employees feel good when they know that they contribute much to your company. Technology helps them in completing more tasks and producing better work.

Reduce Unproductive Travel Time

Here’s a hard fact. Time spent on the road is a time wasted. Driving to a location or traveling to a seminar session can be tiresome. Plus, you spend money and time on these endeavors. 

While an occasional road trip is needed, you can clearly spend travel time on other aspects instead. Technology enables you to work anywhere, conveniently removing the time that you have to spend traveling to your office. You can gather a virtual meeting or training sessions with all of your remote workers. This does not only save you time but also resources. 

Time and resources saved can be used in other business endeavours. 

Technology is not our enemy. Learn how to use it correctly and efficiently. With these tips, it becomes your aid in increasing the productivity of your workforce.