Why wait another day?


Why wait another day?


We all love lazy Sunday shopping trips. Many times these regular strolls through the mall end up in 2 pairs of shoes, a new dress and a quirky home décor item that will be banished to the bedroom immediately.

However, when shopping online, Sunday is not considered a working day by most shipping firms, and you cannot expect deliveries. On the one day you have to yourself, you are not able to receive your latest clothes even if they are in the same location. Instead, you probably get the courier person’s call the next day in the middle of an office meeting, while he is negotiating the lanes that lead to the delivery address. There is a very simple solution for this unnecessary and time-wasting scenario – abof’s Sunday delivery guarantee.

Everyday Delivery including Sunday

abof is bringing customer convenience to the forefront by filling in all the gaps that exist in regular online apparel shopping sites. By ensuring timely delivery, including Sundays, you get your package sooner than you would normally expect, and just in time to wear your new clothes for the new week! Customers should not have to depend on a shipping company’s business days to get the products they shop for. abof’s Sunday delivery is part of a continuous process of adding features and augmenting services to make shopping more convenient.

Sunday delivery is a benefit for prime customers of large e-tailers in many non-Indian markets. abof brings that privilege to all Indian shoppers with its everyday shipping services.

Changing the Shopping Experience

With technology-aided features like a 3D change room and visualization, abof brings the online shopper closer to a physical shopping experience. The customer-focused approach does not end there, as steps like Sunday delivery reduce the waiting time for the buyer. abof has also simplified returns, often a harrowing experience for many, involving long waits and multiple correspondences. With single touch returns and 24-hour refund, you can order your product with total confidence. Enjoy a complete shopping experience as the line between online and physical shopping gets blurred further.

Featured Image Credits: Pexels