Beyond Bitcoin: Why Ethereum Could Change The World

By now, you must be familiar with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and what they are all about. Even if you have not invested in any crypto, you cannot miss the news of the digital currencies. Nowadays, any talk of financial technology is not complete without a mention of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, bitcash, and Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum have particularly established a dominance that is impossible to shake in 2018.

While the two cryptocurrencies largely do the same things, they have important features that distinguish them. Ethereum is a more recent crypto that has brought with it many new innovations. The most attractive aspect of Ethereum is undoubtedly its reliance on the blockchain. While Bitcoin is largely modelled with traditional currencies in mind, Ethereum is largely inventive and more fashioned on the basis of digital technology infrastructure. For this reason, Ethereum has the best chance of bringing radical changes to the world. We will look at why this is so by analyzing this cryptocurrency.

Basic Ethereum Capacities

The key feature that distinguishes Ethereum is that it is more of a canvas than a coin. This platform is not just deeply anchored on the blockchain but it is the infrastructure itself. This makes it unlimited in terms of usage capabilities. The platform is not simply created so that it can make transactions. Instead, it is created as a general-purpose platform that can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of a particular programmer. This flexibility ensures that the potential of the cryptocurrency is not limited. The two most impressive aspects of Ethereum are unquestionably smart contracts and dApps. These two have a potential of affecting transactions, collaboration, and business in general.

The Scope of Usage

Ethereum is also the cryptocurrency of the future because of its scope. The world is progressively moving to the digital platforms. Most industries and future companies will be based online. This means that a suitable infrastructure is needed to match the demand of future organizations. Ethereum will be able to address these needs through its inventive tools. Smart contracts will, for instance, be used for fulfilling agreements made between two parties.

Smart contracts are much more efficient than ordinary contracts because the terms of the agreement are made using code. The flexibility of smart contracts also means that they can be designed to serve a plethora of purposes. With a range of conditions being put in place to ensure that the contracts are foolproof, it is almost expected that Ethereum will be a go-to platform for businesses.


The cryptocurrency world is only set to continue expanding. While Bitcoin was the progenitor of cryptos, Ethereum seems to be the technology that will continue with the legacy. Its effective use of the blockchain infrastructure reflects exactly how a modern digital currency should be. The platform is a pioneer of several groundbreaking technologies that are set to revolutionize the financial tech world as a whole. Ethereum has not only taken the great bits of the pioneer cryptocurrency but it has also vastly improved the ecosystem.