Be prepared when visiting a fertility clinic

You may have to visit the best IVF centre in Chandigarh when you face difficulty in conceiving.

Many women face fertility issues but very few of them are open about it. The best part about infertility is that your situation is not all that hopeless and there are many IVF Chandigarh centres that can help you get pregnant through artificial means.

Once you and partner decide to visit a fertility centre and take your first appointment you should know what you should take along with you. Make sure that you visit the clinic with your partner and be ready with a list of questions and doubts that you may have related to your infertility. Also, make sure that you carry all your medical records and results.

Unfortunately, with infertility, time is not with you always. It is thus important that you make full use of your appointment and seek help fast to get treated. This will improve your chances of getting pregnant.

You will meet the reproductive endocrinologist at the clinic. They are doctors who would be treating your fertility issue. Your doctor will ask you various questions which will help him make a correct diagnosis. You may have to share details about your past pregnancies and miscarriages if any. Your menstrual pattern, symptoms, illness, surgeries, exposure to toxins present in the environment and family history of infertility will be discussed with you. Your doctor needs to know about your medical history. There are many health problems that you may have had in the past that can affect your fertility. These include some sexually transmitted diseases or inflammatory diseases, previous surgery or birth defects, polyps, fibroids or scars in the pelvis. Make sure that you discuss these issues with your doctor.

You will then have to go through some tests and treatments. The reproductive endocrinologist will do a physical examination and your partner will also be examined. You will have to come back for future tests that will be done on your reproductive organs. The doctor will then make a fertility treatment plan. These will include procedures and fertility drugs.

The first visit at the fertility centre may not clear all the doubts that you may have had. You should thus be prepared well in advance so that you get answers to all your questions. At the time of taking an appointment ask what you need to bring along with you during the visit. Ask the fertility treatment clinic about all the facilities and services that they offer. This could include counselling and support groups.

IVF or in-vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive method where the egg and the sperm are stored in a dish and handled in a laboratory. This is a common fertility treatment where the egg and the sperm combine to form an embryo and which is then inserted into the uterus.

Many couples experience major setbacks when they plan to conceive and start a family. To get all the answers that you want and to experience being a parent; meet a fertility specialist as soon as you can.

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