How GhostBed Mattress Revolutionized The Sleep Industry

If there is one thing which we all have in common, it is that we all need to sleep. If we were to look deep inside ourselves, we would all admit that we have a second thing in common. We all love to sleep. It is no wonder that this love of sleep has transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry.

The ‘mattress in a box’ concept has been around for a long time. The concept was developed by a machinist back in 2007 when he created a machine which could compress a mattress into a box for shipping and selling. Many companies have dreamed of creating businesses around this idea, but GhostBed is active revolutionizing the sleep industry with their line of mattresses in boxes.

So why have they made such an impact?

Online presence

We are used to going into a store and purchasing a mattress. This model is becoming old and updated. Yes, you get to see the range of mattresses before you buy one, but you are paying for this middleman (and countless others). With ‘mattress in a box’ you cut out the middleman, and the savings are passed onto you.

Image via Unsplash/Azrul Aziz

The online presence is complemented by a supportive customer service team. GhostBed offer a 101-night money-back guarantee. They also have a 20-year warranty period. After 10 years, you can replace the mattress for 50% of its cost.

Learn more about GhostBed here.

15-years in the making

While GhostBed use foam in their mattress (as most mattress in a box companies do), their focus has been on cooling as well as comfort. This has led them to develop their own technology, instead of using the conventional memory foam.

The top layer is 1.5” aerated latex foam, the middle-layer is 2” gel-infused foam, and the bottom layer is 1.5” high-density support foam. This gives a total thickness of 11” which is an inch above the industry standard.

The created foam and the gel-induced foam are their own creation, and they keep you cool while keeping you comfortable.

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As matters technology moves forward, so does the technology of everything else. If you have read any news lately, then you will probably have heard of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is paving the way for a new type of currency and is laying the groundwork for many other cryptocurrencies.

GhostBed accepts the same forms of payment as other online stores do. They also offer payment plans, as other online stores do. The big difference with GhostBed is that they accept Bitcoin payments. In an ever-changing online world, this is a sign that GhostBed is moving with the times and is not afraid to shake things up.

Patent pending

GhostBed has created their own technology for their mattress, but they also developed many other patents outside of this. One of these patents is for the GhostPillow. The GhostPillow is described as the ‘world’s most advanced real-time cooling pillow’.

The patented pillow is designed to be cool to the touch and wick away moisture as soon as it is present. With many more patents to come, GhostBed is continuing to revolutionize the sleep industry.

What’s to come?

We do not know what GhostBed have in mind for the future, but we do know that they are shaking thing up in the sleep industry. With a combination of new technology, varying payment options, and one-upping the completion, GhostBed is going to be around for a while, and they are going to continue to revolutionize the industry.