Record online IT webinars with sound with Movavi Screen Recorder

Are you a dynamic tech pro who is always aspiring to upgrade himself or herself? Then, you must follow up with latest IT webinars online. Now, what if an upcoming live webinar clashes with your packed schedule? Would you give it a miss just because you can’t take out time at the scheduled hour? Well, certainly not and you have Movavi Screen Recorder to help you here. It’s a powerful screen recorder with sound that will enable you to record both the visual footage and audio part of the live webinar in just minutes.

It’s extremely simple and easy to record an online IT webinar with the Movavi tool. It will help you to capture the video at its scheduled time and will save it in your system. This way, it will be more convenient for you to check the webinar later in your free time. Moreover, as the program will save the video in your system, you can view it even when you are offline.

Then, Movavi Screen Recorder is able to record two types of sound while capturing the video or webinar. One is the sound of the webinar video- the speeches, the lectures, the conversations between experts, the Q& A sessions (if any) and so on. Additionally, the recorder program can even record the user’s narration or voiceover while recording the video from a microphone. You might have plans to share the recorded webinars among your trainees in office. And for that, you might want to add extra explanations to make things simpler for your interns. The Movavi program can save the audio streams in separate audio files so that you can edit them conveniently without hurting the video footage.

Besides, the Movavi Screen Recorder is not just a screen recorder. It’s also packed with powerful video editing tools. Thus, you will be able to cut out unwanted video clips, join additional clips, add stylish captions and many more. The Movavi tool will even allow you to add special effects for a more personalized touch to the recorded video.

Moreover, despite all these advanced features, the Movavi program assures a completely user-friendly interface.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

    • Ability to capture screen video, in-game footage, Skype calls and any online live video
    • Captures video and gameplay with sound and voiceover
    • Performs a wide variety of editing functions with powerful inbuilt editor
    • Helps users to create great video blog posts, speed painting video, and tutorials
    • Ability to make cool GIFs from recordings
  • Users can upload recorded video straight to YouTube from the program window

Useful tips for users

The Movavi Screen Recorder carries a multi-lingual interface. So, if you are not so comfortable with English, you can easily choose an interface in some other language.