What Should You Outsource?

Starting or running a small business is a lot to handle. Even if you have a couple of employees working with you, there can still feel like there is an insurmountable amount of things to do. And that is because there is. Not only do you have to provide the product or service that you sell, but also are responsible for dozens of other things.

Marketing, scheduling, payroll, accounting and so much more are just some of the many things you are responsible for when running a business. In order to prevent yourself from burning out because of too much work or simply forgetting something important, it is a good idea to outsource if it makes sense for you.

But what should you outsource? While there are different answers for different people and businesses, there are a couple of things that are commonly outsourced, and we will take a look at them now.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are some of those very important tasks that you need to do 100% accurately, or risk some serious consequences. But as a small business owner, you are likely used to doing a lot of multitasking. However, multitasking can be a productivity killer.

So instead of trying to juggle accounting/bookkeeping with other business activities (and risk missing something), it makes sense to outsource to another company or individual. Sure, you could hire an accountant or have someone handle the bookkeeping, but it is generally safer and more affordable to outsource.

Shipping and Inventory

While this won’t really apply if your company sells a service, inventory and shipping can be very difficult to deal with for a product sales based company. Not only will you have to ship a ton of orders, but you will also have to keep track of your inventory. It can be very easy to get these numbers jumbled, which can result in major issues.

Instead of doing all of the shipping and inventory management yourself, it can be a good idea to find a manufacturer or other partner that can do that for you. It will save you a TON of time and will get things shipped out much faster, generally.

Payroll and Workforce Management

On top of actually growing your business, there are a lot of other things that you as a business owner need to do. You have to handle payroll and getting your employees their money, you also need to ensure everyone is working the correct hours and getting breaks, have effective human resources and more. That is why it can be a good plan to outsource to a company that can handle all of these tasks for you.

They will also be aware of the rules and regulations in your area or state, and will be sure to keep you compliant. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, these management companies should be able to know all of the California labor laws breaks and so much more.


It is hard to run a business without having any customers, and it is difficult to have any customers without some form of marketing. While many companies just try to do their marketing themselves, marketing isn’t an easy thing to do or learn. Instead of spending a ton of time and money doing your own marketing, it can be beneficial to outsource to experts.

They will be able to help you reach the right audience and grow your company in ways you might not have expected. It can also be great to get a fresh set of eyes on everything, too. This will also free up employees to take on other important tasks in your business.