Fashion Brands Taking on Sustainability: The Benefits of Social & Environmental Projects

Corporate Social Responsibility is more important than ever in the world of fashion. Sustainable fashion (or eco fashion) is a growing design philosophy, something that brands, fashion houses, designers and retailers need to think about in order to connect with their eco-conscious customers.

Through celebrity endorsements, charity collaborations or through the use of social media influencers, fashion brands can raise awareness for worthy causes whilst also boosting brand awareness and customer loyalty. Here are three examples of the fashion brands that are doing it best.

H&M Close the Loop Campaign

H&M have had a long history of trying to change the perception of ‘fast fashion’. And their 2015 Close the Loop Campaign is a great example of celebrity endorsement at work. The video above features rock legend Iggy Pop as one of the main characters. Whilst also shining a light on some of the industry’s best creatives, including model Tess Holliday, photographer Pardeep Singh Bahra, and designer Loza Maleombho.

Not only does the video show fantastic diversity, but it promotes the importance of choosing sustainable fashion and proves that there are options even when shopping on the high street.

Since the video launch, H&M have also launched Bring It On; a recycling initiative that offers vouchers in exchange for unwanted clothing. This not only helps to tackle the ever-growing problem of textile waste in landfills, but it builds loyalty between the retailer and high street shoppers.


The #Yooxlovesthereef project brings the glamour of Australian beach fashion together with conservation for the Great Barrier Reef. One of our World Wonders, but an area that is also under threat from the rising sea temperatures caused by global warming.

In this campaign, Yoox teams up with swimwear brand We Are Handsome to create a unique and beautiful collection that donates to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, to help keep the reef safe through conservation.

The incredible Yoox x We Are Handsome swimwear collection has helped to develop brand recognition and a positive business reputation for both brands. And by collaborating with influencers, the campaign has reached thousands and thousands of fashion shoppers and followers.