The Brilliant Work of Paul Mampilly at the Banyan Hill Publishing.


Among the few prominent and reputable investors in the United States and internationally, Paul Mampilly has to feature in the list. This is because of the extensive proficiency that he possesses in investment management. The skills and expertise of Mampilly in this field of finance have been through a series of employment episodes where he has worked for various investment management organizations in the whole of the US. For instance, Paul worked as an assistant portfolio manager at the Bankers Trust Company, in the Wall Street. This was the company that gave him his first professional experience in his career after finishing school in 1991. Later the company would promote Mampilly and make him a full portfolio manager of the organization. This was a great achievement for him considering the tender age in which he was at that time.

After working at the Bankers Trust for several years, Deutsche Bank purchased the organization, a transaction that made Paul Mampilly relocate to his new company, with a new title. He became an assistant to the research manager of the organization for a few years. This was a position that greatly transformed Mampilly and the way he perceived investments. It was in this position that Mampilly learned the art of making investment decisions. He was made to understand that before making any investment decision, a thorough analysis is paramount and every investor should consider it before getting into the actual investment.

Several years while working at the Deutsche Bank, Mampilly was again promoted to become the senior research manager for the portfolio management team of the organization. Again this position was instrumental in his life. This was the stage at which Mampilly learned the excellent leadership skills that he uses today in his current role at Banyan Hill Publishing where he leads a team of investors who are determined to assist the American citizens with investment advice. It was also at this stage that Paul was made familiar with the management of portfolios worth billions of dollars. He gained the art of responsibility and accountability which have changed his life a big deal.

Paul would later move to the ING to work for the company as the Senior Director of Research. He led the company through a successful investment journey until he was recruited by the Kinetics Asset Management Company that entrusted him with the management of one of its hedge funds that had shown consistent poor performance over the years. The role was tough, but following his reputation in the industry, while working for the other organizations, Kinetics Asset Management was confident that Paul Mampilly would transform the performance of the hedge fund to become a viable investment for the investors.

This did not take too long as within the first six months working in the firm; the hedge fund had already started experiencing some positive changes in the performance and Paul was still determined to make it happen. By the end of the second year under the management of Mampilly, the hedge fund had grown from the $5.5 billion that it was to a whopping $30 billion. The fund had also yielded a phenomenon investment return of 40% for its investors. This was a great achievement for Mampilly, and it made him win various titles in the investment industry during that year.

Paul later quit his job at the Kinetics Asset Management and begun publishing financial and investment advice at the Banyan Hill Publishing. In this company, Mampilly is the senior editor, leading a team of investment and portfolio managers who have taken the initiative to educate the common American and equip them with the right insights concerning investment. He has also afforded enough time for the family which was a difficult thing to do while he was employed.