About Us

Qrius publishes authoritative commentary & analysis on economics, business, policy, technology & culture.

Qrius offers expert opinion articles on issues that really matter. Our emphasis on uncovering fresh trends and insights has led to a loyal community of readers.

Global influencers, business leaders, and policy makers read and contribute to Qrius.

Qrius believes in presenting ‘Something New’ to its readers. ‘Something New’ is an integral part of our editorial philosophy.

We believe that each time readers click on the Qrius website or log on to our Android app on their phones, they read about something they were not aware of before.

Qrius seeks to focus on new subjects, trends, and perspectives, allowing its readers to remain ahead of the curve. Qrius does not seek to follow the news cycle – we seek to create our own.

By introducing topics and opinions that are not in the public consciousness, Qrius seeks to empower its reader with new information that allows them to remain ahead of the curve.

Qrius is a leading digital magazine that focuses on publishing high-quality articles and opinion pieces on business & economics, policy, politics, culture, foreign affairs and more.

With a broad range of authors representing several industries and geographies, Qrius aims to present to the reader a unique perspective on issues they care about.

We publish content on issues that are not heard of and present a new dimension to readers.

Our motto is ‘For the Curious Mind’ as we strive to develop Qrius into a forum where curious minds meet and discuss a diverse range of subject areas that affect business, politics, and society in general.

Over the past two years, Qrius has received millions of views, been associated with distinguished as well as new-age columnists with a unique, fresh perspective from our 400+ contributors spread across 6 continents and more than 30 countries, partnered with dozens of events and organisations across the country.

Qrius is read in more than 50 countries. Our top geographies are India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada, Brazil, France, and Japan.

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