Skip the Used Car, Own a New One with ZAP

Skip the Used Car, Own a New One with ZAP

Sometimes the urge to own a car is too tempting, and for good reasons. If finances do not permit, attractive offers on second-hand cars make many people jump the gun and opt for the uncertainty of owning a pre-owned vehicle. A deeper analysis would tell you that in the long term this is not a great idea. The first and foremost reason is maintenance. That car which has clocked up a few thousand kilometers is not going to be in mint condition ever, and creaky parts and compromises will likely be a part of your driving experience. Getting rid of it will be a problem once you realized that it has come full circle. Used car values have plummeted as consumers are now looking for exclusivity and uncompromised features.

A Financial Boost

Your next question would be – what financial magic can help you buy a new car instead? This is where Zoomcar’s revolutionary peer to peer car ownership and a rental model comes in. Imagine buying a car and having the car paying off your EMIs. When you sign up for the Zoomcar Associate Program or ZAP, you can then list your car on the Zoomcar platform when it is not in use and earn extra income. With this shared ownership model, you can earn up to Rs 20,000 a month. The fundamental principle here is really simple. You do not use your car all the time, and those dormant hours are a resource that can be monetized.

Get Set Go

Buy a car with Zoomcar and get special rates from top companies like Maruti, Ford, Hyundai, Tata and Mahindra. You can also use Zoomcar’s extensive network of car loan providers to get the EMI schemes that suit you. Finally, you need to register the car as a commercial vehicle with Zoomcar. This absolves you from all the liabilities during the listing periods, which means you can relax while your car earns money and need not worry about any scenarios.

ZAPster Tech

The car will have to be installed with Zoomcar’s very own Cadabra, a car health monitoring platform which helps facilitate preventive maintenance. With the constant and accurate updates on car usage and engine condition you get, you will be able to prevent breakdowns and reduce the long-term maintenance costs, thereby adding more to your savings. Cars will also be fitted with GPS, which mean you can track your vehicle’s location anytime.

Listing your car is very easy as you only need to use the app and there is no requirement to personally meet customers. The billing process is very simple and transparent which ensures that you get total insights on what you are getting paid for.

A Share-conomy Revolution

With rising living costs and higher lifestyle demands, a sustainable and shared economy is the next natural step. Zoomcar is a company that has loyal customers in 22 Indian cities and that number is still growing. Become part of an expanding revenue model and add precious extra income to your coffers. Own a new car, enjoy the privileges and negotiate the EMIs and costs with total ease.

Featured Image Courtesy: Visual Hunt