Best Ways To Communicate With Brands Using Your Cellphone

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Webchat services

In the marketing arena, there is a lot of noise both on the business side as well as the consumer side. Now, these brands are shooting marketing messages at the shoppers and on the marketer side, it’s really difficult to contemplate the customer signals that are worth understanding. This is more challenging with a mobile phone. Majority smartphone owners use a few common mobile apps.

Easy customer and business interaction

Customers using smartphones or a simple mobile phone can now connect with businesses anytime from any location. Instant communication is very important as it helps to solve customer issues and most companies are using this now. This improves the overall performance of the clients/customers. There are user-friendly mobile apps and webchat services to improve the interaction between the company and the customers.

Understanding the customer demands

Mobile marketing basically is filled with customer signals but the marketers know that all are not relevant. Mobile engagement signals are quite challenging to understand so here are a few important performance meters that aid the marketers to understand the demand of the consumers.

  •    The number of push notification responses

Push notifications offer a scope to continue with engaging the mobile users. According to statistics about 70% of the mobile users who allow push notifications, come back to an app in just 30 days after downloading it. Marketers must take a note of what notifications they are responding to. Sometimes customers respond less to notifications about ‘in-app purchase’ but they respond to messages that keep up the enthusiasm in mobile games like ‘Its time to play more’ or ‘You have gone to a new level’. Customers love relevant and personalized push notifications.

  •    Participating in loyalty rewards

Customers participate in loyalty rewards when its easy process and marketers need to measure how many are applying the barcode of their apps while checking out, how many are redeeming members’ only coupon. Customers notice and take advantage of specific offers those that are in favour of them like 30% off or 50% off.

  •    Measuring Mobile App usage

A mobile app is an application that basically suns on Smartphones and these days most companies offer their own mobile app for better interaction. Customers get into the habit of using those apps that become indispensable, which means they use it daily or on weekly basis. The application must be interesting so that customers get hooked on to the app and stay in it for long.

For instance, Starbucks have their new mobile app now and it’s a very successful mobile payment process now. Busy stores have issues with handling cash registers and customers also look for easy payment systems. This app now helps the coffee lovers pay for coffee, track and also redeem their points. Now Starbucks runs more efficiently and customers are happy as it saves their time.

  •    Self-service information management is important

A lot of mobile customers crib that the results that come out of looking for company websites are not very helpful. It can be very tiring to sort out the important one from loads of suggested articles. One must remember that a mobile screen is basically a small one so this task is even more tiring. A lot of companies respond to this issue by utilizing virtual agent software and some improve the knowledge management system.

  •    Web chat on mobile is in demand

Chatting is a very prompt way customers prefer to connect with brands using their mobile phones. Live chat can happen on the go any time and anywhere. Web chat is very effective as it allows real-time communication and accessibility. You can install chat software on mobile phones and connect with brands 24/7. According to statistics, 45% of users have used live chat on mobile which also includes video calling. Live chat is a very effective and very popular mode of online and mobile customer service.

Mobile first is a must

Since so many customers are looking for mobile support for reaching brands, companies must develop a superior CX and adapt to a mobile-first technology. It means that a customer can do anything from a mobile device right from getting customer support to shopping, learning about any new product, chat or anything.

Final words

These days every customer uses a mobile phone and all marketers try mobile marketing so both are dependent on the other. The marketers must pay a close attention to these things to make the most of customer journey.