Finding difficulty in maintaining pace with IIT JEE coaching class? Here’s the solution

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Preparation for IIT JEE needs consistent hard work and right guidance.[/su_pullquote]

Cracking JEE is a dream of every engineering aspirant. However, a lot of effort goes in turning this dream into reality. Preparation for IIT JEE needs consistent hard work and right guidance. There are multiple coaching institutes that promise to help students accomplish their goal of cracking JEE with a good rank, but not all of them are equipped with advanced mentoring techniques and expert faculty, which are required to provide the right guidance.

To prepare smartly, many students prefer digitised coaching for IIT JEE through apps and other sources and prepare at their own pace. Technology-enabled coaching options like IIT JEE coaching apps are gaining popularity among aspiring engineers as they are efficient, flexible and affordable.

From attending virtual online classes of Aakash Live to learning through other digitised IIT JEE coaching options like Aakash iTutor, students have different learning alternatives to make the preparation process smoother.

Study smart by enrolling in Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live, and prepare for IIT JEE at your own pace.

Study anytime and anywhere with Aakash iTutor

Aakash, one of the foremost coaching institutes of India, has launched a digital learning program named as Aakash iTutor. By registering to Aakash iTutor, you would get study materials, including video lectures, tests, eBooks, etc., stored in a memory chip or a USB. Thus, this option ensures internet-free learning anytime and anywhere.

Get access to virtual classroom sessions with Aakash Live

By enrolling in Aakash Live, you can enjoy virtual classroom learning even at the comfort of your home with the help of live video lectures. These video lectures by the expert faculty of Aakash Institute need low internet bandwidth to play and so can be accessed conveniently. Also, these video lectures can be recorded and watched later as well. Plus, live interaction sessions, doubt clearing sessions and discussion forums have made this learning program even more helpful.

Listed below are some of the reasons to prepare at your own pace

  1. Money matters: IIT JEE online coaching is not only an effective and practical option, but it is also quite affordable. Aakash Live students don’t need to spend a significant amount of money on commutation. They can also take online tests regularly to know the level of their performance and improve accordingly. Enriched study materials by the expert faculty of Aakash Institute are also available to Aakash Live students.
  2. Less wastage of time: To attend digitised coaching for IIT-JEE, one doesn’t even have to go to any coaching centre. Thus, it can save your time for self -study. For instance, with Aakash iTutor, one gets the advantage of studying anytime and anywhere, as all the lectures are available on a memory card that runs without the help of internet.
  3. Discuss and Interact: Digital learning gives you the opportunity of making your own study plan and following it at your own pace. But, if you get stuck somewhere or if you have any concept or chapter-related doubt, you can reach out to experts. There is a discussion forum of Aakash Live where you can get solutions for your doubts. Further, you can ask your doubts directly to the expert faculty of Aakash during live virtual classroom sessions.
  4. Record and Repeat: Aakash Live gives you the option to record live video lectures and watch them at your own convenience. So, you would get ample amount of time to study even difficult chapters with ease.

Thus, you can prepare for JEE efficiently and with confidence by option for different digital learning products in the present time of technological advancement

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