Top Apps to make life much easier with a mobile phone

The wise use of smartphone apps can save a lot of time, resources and mental powers for any user. So, instead of keeping in mind all the small information about things to do and places to visit, anyone can try a time-manager and all other choice apps to make their life much easier. Here are top apps that you can use with your mobile phone to make life fun and enjoyable for example while lookig for online writing jobs for college students.

1. Training & Fitness Apps. Good examples in this area are the MyFitnessPal and The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout apps. If you are making an effort to exercise your body, these fitness apps will help in keeping a regular program for the same. To keep fit, you need daily habits and changes in lifestyles. Trying to track them on your own can be tedious and unproductive especially with the tendency to forget. However, these mobile apps will make all the difference in keeping you up with your fitness program.

2. Productivity Apps. A productive day requires a careful check on your to-do list. With the help of Trello and Todoist apps for individual task management and project management, your productivity can greatly be enhanced. With a quick overview of what to do as enabled by these apps, you can prioritize your tasks and manage your projects in the best way possible. These apps have an offline functionality and help you to remain focussed without internet distractions.

3. Finances Apps. Managing your money and banking gets a lot easier with the use of apps dedicated to this activity. With these apps, you can easily transact by paying bills without the need to leave your desk. Everything is centralized and you are able to tell your bank balances from time to time and do the necessary budgeting for it when you please. The Mint App is one such app that will help you consolidate all your money transactions across various bank accounts and credit cards into one platform. This will give you an easy time summing up everything you have together and spending it wisely.

 4. Fresh Skills and Other Studying Apps. These types of apps help you to gain fresh skills and enhance your learning capabilities and help with your writing jobs. Studying apps such as iStudiez will help in studying efficiently since it tracks learning progress all through the semester and sends notifications on homework assignments that should be completed. With this type of app, you will not be required to do a lot of cramming and will be useful in efficiently managing your time. Its capabilities including adding your professor’s contact information, homework priority and several other useful details pertaining your studies. This app can be synced with any of your other devices.

 5. Reminders App. The reminder app is a really intuitive app that will never allow you to miss anything. With it, you will get reminders on birthdays, anniversaries and other important events in your life. It makes life more comfortable and enjoyable knowing that you won’t have to manually track your life events.


Smartphones have a lot to offer especially in making life easier. There is almost everything you need to lead a well-balanced life while keeping in touch with every area in your life.  Here are the top apps that can help you tackle different aspects of life without manually tracking them from time to time.