TOP 20 Most Innovative ATVs and UTVs of 2018

Real men certainly love to go on adventurous trips through the topsy-turvy ways in the woods and mountainous roads. They never fail to keep an eye on the latest ATVs and UTVs loaded with new features. Neither do the manufacturers fail to impress them with their newest models launched every year.

The new features always surprise the riders with aspired and unexpected modifications. The new models of ATVs and UTVs really get the blood rush in with more energy and dynamism. The latest ATVs and UTVs accessories make these models more amazing. You dare not disagree with this. And, if you do, then why not grab a look at the latest models of 2018 that’ll give goose bumps to all of us?


  • Wolverine X4: Yamaha has surely surprised everyone by introducing the all-new Wolverine X4 with an 847cc twin-cylinder engine. The bike runs perfectly noiseless and has a seating for four. It has amazing power steering and locking differential. The self-levelling rear suspension system that adjusts itself on the fly with increasing weight.
  • YXZ1000R: It has a 998cc three-cylinder power plant that offers sequential shifting manual transmission. You can make a choice between its manual and automatic clutch. The machine boasts a thrilling ride that runs well in control with its massive FOX 2.5 Podium shocks.
  • Wolverine 2: The Wolverine 2-seat version comes with a 708cc single-cylinder engine. Yamaha offers the Wolverine in various options such as the R-SPEC version with updated suspension or the Yamaha Viking utility side-by-side that comes with a 686cc single cylinder engine. You may also try the Viking VI that offers six seats.
  • Kodiak 450: Riders who were looking for good featured ATVs are well satisfied with these mid-sized Kodiak 450 machines. But, those who have a bit greed for the motor size, Kodiak 700 is a better option with a 708cc engine. Also, Yamaha Grizzly ATV is an option with 708cc single-cylinder engine. It offers better performance and of course the feel too.
  • Raptor 700R: This machine has a 686cc engine with noteworthy suspension which is more-affordable. Raptor 90 and the YFZ50 are also there for kids who are looking for a stylish rider.
  • YZF450R: Yamaha’s YZF450R boasts a powerful 449cc engine.


  • Ranger: It has 14 models and all are simply amazing. The Ranger XP 1000 is new in 2018, with a ProStar engine of 82-horsepower.
  • Dynamix edition Turbo: The intelligent active suspension system of Polaris is referred to as Dynamix. This machine comes with both 2-seat and four seat options.
  • General-4: It’s the Hunting edition and also counted in the Ride Command model. It has a single-seat.
  • ACE 570 and 900XC: The ACE 500 has come as ACE 570 with a 45 HP ProStar engine.
  • Sportsman 450 and 570 Utility Editions: These have made an entry in 2018 with steel racks, improved gearing and front hitch receivers.
  • Spaortsman XP 1000: It has come up in new Hunting Edition and Touring Edition.
  • High Lifter Edition 850 and 1000: These are back offering more fun for mud runners.


  • Pioneer: The Pioneer 500, 700 and 1000 models are there for 2018. The 700-4 seems like a great value, while the 1000 and 1000-5 come with 999cc engine and DCT transmissions. The Pioneer 1000 LE and 1000-5 LE look enticing with its i-4WD intelligent four-wheel system and FOX QS-3 shocks.
  • Rancher and the 229cc Recon are still great ATVs with good price.


  • Teryx: The LE models are just amazing. The engine boasts a power of 783cc that can be taken anywhere and do anything.
  • MULE PRO FX and FXT: These are more work oriented machines. The MULE PRO FXR is new in 2018. It comes with the capability of the MULE Pro FX. The front end is redesigned for a stylish look.
  • Brute Force: These are one of the most budget-friendly ATVs. Brute Force 300 has a 271cc engine while the Brute Force 750 has a 749cc V-twin engine.


  • Suzuki King Quad

Suzuki’s King Quad 750, 500 and 400 remain the same in 2018. The proven image of these machines makes them highly reliable. Suzuki is still considered a leader for being the first manufacturer of a 4-wheeled ATV and a 4-wheel drive ATV i.e. the King Quad in the 80’s.


The flagship ARGO Conquest has a 747cc Kohler engine with expandead cargo facility. For hunters, the Huntmaster is a true option. While, the Frontier machines offer a compact design with 6×6 and 8×8 options.

  • Argo Xplorer: The Xplorer ATVs are straight-up machines which are available in various options of XR and XRT machines with an LE model. These have additional bumpers and some added features. And, the XT model is a bold single rider machine.

Image Credits: Shopify