Reinvented Classic Cocktails: The Martini

One of the great pastimes of many people is sitting back, chilling and sipping on reinvented classic cocktails from the slender stemmed glass of the martini. This American classic is on every mixologists list, of frequently ordered alcoholic drink. Over the years, it has been spruced up and combined with great ingredients to make it one of the more delicious and exotic reinvented classic cocktails.

The History of the Martini Classic Cocktail

From the debonair James Bond to the genteel woman, sipping at the bar indiscreetly, for every fan this cool concoction is worth every delectable drip. The iconic beverage is known for its gin infused coolness and long history associated with the American Gold Rush. It is said that an ‘old time’ mixologist concocted the Martini beverage, from gin, bitters and vermouth, for a miner who was celebrating his golden luck that day. He enjoyed it so much that he kept asking for the drink at every bar he visited. Soon the legendary liqueur was featured in the bartender’s manual, circa 1880.

Then came the “Mad Men” era of the 1950’s and 1960s, which saw the stratospheric launch of the martini and which coined the term “three-martini lunch.” It was a common choice and practice of the business class execs that choose to negotiate deals over lunch. The old-time work culture waned as demands of higher productivity and business practices changed over the years. As expected, during the week, the cool slender beverage is now mostly relished during the later afternoon hours.

From Traditional to Reinvented Classic Cocktails Ingredients

Over the years, the invention story of this classic cocktail has changed. However, many bartenders have since reinvented the conventional cocktail and put their own twist on the beloved martini. Traditionally, it contains equal amounts of dry vermouth and gin, kept cold by ice from commercial ice makers. A bit of lemon garnish and olive is also added for flair. However, that combination has been altered and the measure of gin is increased depending on the drinker’s personal taste.

There is also a distinction, which has coined the terms a “dry martini” and a “dirty martini.” The latter has olive brine in the mix, while the former only has minimal vermouth. Some of these beverages go a bit further and rather than the gin, they incorporate vodka. These are known as the “kangaroo martini.” If you are a fan of having your martini with an onion rather than the olive, then you are drinking a “Gibson martini.” When at the bar and you want to include a bit of ice from their nugget ice maker, then ask for a “martini on the rocks.”

Now you can go out, explore and experiment with this classic cocktail. Whether it is for a weekend brunch or a late dinner, remember to order up your favorite classic cocktail, the martini. Certainly, the history will not matter when you are sipping on this slender and sublime liqueur, but do remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the divas of the V-shaped glass.