Visit these underrated tourist spots in Karachi for an exuberant trip

Unsplash/Ramiz Sohail

Known for its rich culture and heritage, Karachi is in every traveller’s bucket list. If you are one of them, it is high time that you let go off all your thoughts and take the next flight and fly off to this land of beautiful tourist attractions. An abode that showcases the beautiful history of the Sindhi fishermen, this place is just too good to be true.

With an infectious energy that imparts some good positive vibes and the continuously running colourful buses on the street, the capital of Pakistan takes your breath away. Gradual growth and impending development are what has paved its way for the increasing tourism in this country. The country proudly boasts its only international airport, the Jinnah International Airport of Pakistan which is where the majority of the flights land from various parts of the world.

Whatever the countries you plan to travel from, be it from the United Kingdom or even somewhere from around Dubai, ensure that you get your flights from Dubai to Karachi, from the UK, from anywhere pre-booked to avail the amazing discounts that they provide you with. With all that being said, let us divert our attention to some of the unique places in Karachi that are a must visit if you are there.

PAF Museum

Let us start our itinerary with some museums for the nerdy travellers who like to gain knowledge even when they are on a trip. All jokes aside, if you are an aircraft and aeronautical junkie, this is the place to visit. It houses all the important and historic air crafts and jets that were once used in wars and special occasions as such. You can spend half the day there and get some food from around the place and have a laidback day chilling around the parks there.

The Chaukandi Tombs

Now, we have started off our list with people who like aircraft and jets, let us serve something for the people who are into history. The Chaukandi tombs are one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and are one of the most ancient graveyards which make it yet more thrilling. The carvings and the designs of the tombs are what attract the tourists’ attention the most.

Empress Market

Last but not the least, this specific one is for the shopping junkies. It is a colourful and very chaotic market that possibly has everything that your heart could desire. From textiles and stationeries to pets as well, this is one of the native marketplaces in Karachi that attracts a number tourists all year around. Ironically, this place is named after the Empress of England.

These are the top places in Karachi that are too tempting to not visit. If you are planning your next visit to Karachi, make sure to actually visit all these places to gain a different kind of experience with every single place. These are some of the unexplored and underrated places that don’t really make it to a traveller’s list which is why it needs to be in yours.