Heavy Equipment Diagnosis and EP Catalogue

Heavy equipment such as farm machinery or construction machinery should function in low maintenance conditions for a long time. However, heavy machinery breaks down sometimes, leading to many negative externalities. It can entail great losses for the company or a private entrepreneur. It can postpone construction or farm work, bringing additional inconveniences.

Equipment Diagnostic Software

Diagnostic software for equipment works as an antivirus scan in your computer. You only have to connect the cable to the equipment for the system to correctly identify the vehicle. After that, you can run the scanning process to detect the possible or assumed damages.   

So, how does heavy equipment diagnostic software work?

    • The diagnostic system consists of cabling, software and a laptop


    • If there is an error occurring, diagnostic tools conduct a complete check of mechanical, fluid, and electric systems.


  • Once the troubleshooting is over, diagnostic software points out the damaged detail(s). Check the link to find out even more about additional options.

What Are Its Other Functions?

Heavy machinery diagnostic tools also perform maintenance function. The system constantly checks the hydraulic pressure, oil temperature, engine speed, etc. Therefore, heavy equipment owner can check if the indicators are within the normal range, and prevent the machinery getting out of order.  

EP Catalogue

In today’s digital world, fixing heavy machinery with the help of special software is a reality. You can find out how the access to spare part catalogue can help you identify the spare part and instantly order it. If you know the number of a detail and a manufacturer, you can easily find it in the catalogue by yourself. In addition, you can also check out repair and service manuals to help you fix the damage on your own. EP catalogues are extremely popular among thousands of users and OEMs.  

Benefits of Electronic Spare Part Catalogue

  • Helping the OEM to decrease expenses on manual catalogues

Taking into account that spare part are constantly changing, the OEM would have to reprint the catalogue every year or so. In electronic format, it is much easier to go with updates, because you can do it as often as possible with no or minimum costs incurred.

    • Users get the most recent information


    • Aftermarket sales of spare details.


    • Integration of EP with other digital software


  • Digital system helps the OEM track the order volumes of each particular details and decide on the appropriate supply volumes of these details.

With the help of specialized diagnostic software, you can easily track the equipment condition only by knowing the normal range indicators. In case there is a trouble with equipment, diagnostic software will immediately do troubleshooting and point out to the part or detail that needs to be fixed or replaced. You can look for the detail needed in the spare part catalogue and order it immediately no matter where you are.