Is WordPress the right platform for an eCommerce site?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and underpins over a quarter of websites. Despite the fact that 45% of all websites are now shopping sites, WordPress was never intended to be used for this purpose. Instead, it was designed for all other non-blogging sites. However, it can still be used for eCommerce with many plugins available for this purpose. So, is it the right option if you wish to join the global eCommerce marketplace?

Flexible Themes and Plugins

Perhaps the main reason that WordPress has been so popular, apart from it being free and easy to use, is its flexibility. It a constantly growing, open source platform which has an enormous range of themes and plugins. This means you can customize your site to your liking.

While large online retailers like Amazon do not use WordPress, it is popular with Amazon affiliates. If this is how you are making money as a small business owner, WordPress will likely have the tools you need. Dedicated eCommerce plugins allow you to set up a professional-looking online store in no time.

Security Risks

While open source software means anyone can use the platform for free, this does have its drawbacks. WordPress, by being so popular, attracts many hackers. For a simple personal website with no sensitive information, this is less of a problem. However, for a site dealing with financial transactions, security is a priority.

A hacker gaining access to your website could mean the downfall of your business. If the bank details of your customers get into the wrong hands, your reputation will be ruined. As a result, many eCommerce sites choose a more expensive CMS to ensure their security.

Final Thoughts

By not being a dedicated online shopping platform, WordPress may not be your first choice when setting up shop online. Furthermore, you may feel that the popularity of WordPress combined with its open source software means that the security is too high. You can avoid this by making sure your website always has the latest updates, but the threat of an attack may seem too much.

WordPress is incredibly versatile and is perfectly usable for eCommerce. Plugins such as WooCommerce have become incredibly popular and provide an opportunity for a website to expand into becoming a retailer. It is also improving quickly, so in a few years, it could be the best platform out there for online retailers.

Featured image: Unsplash