How to achieve success without having a complete education?

Success in any field of activity, without having education for it.

Is there any higher education you need and is it a benefit when you get a job? Is it compulsory to spend 4-6 years on study, or is it better to spend this time on self-improvement or development of your business? In this article, we’ll try to explain to you that it’s completely possible to achieve success without having a complete education. Essays about education in college and high school you can on this page.

     If the question is: “to go to study or not,” you must drop all the template and pre-prepared answers, pieces of advice and reservations, and make decisions with your head, because it’s only your choice.

The older generation, parents, acquaintances say that without higher education you can go nowhere, only to sweep yards or work in the shop, and it’s fundamentally wrong. Everything depends on you, your desire, stimulation, financial status, and parents’ support.

   If you are young, proactive and smart, you can think about starting your business. In the west, such a choice of start is very advanced. For instance, today many people who like to take pictures, are becoming photographers at weddings, or other celebrations. Or many of those who love to play computer games become professional gamers, or developers of games and earn money due to it. After that, a beloved affair that brings money has good chances to grow into a stable business.

    Many people have achieved success without a complete education. They become rich and happy without studying or dropping the university and devoting themselves to their favorite business. You may see a list of them below:

  1. Steve Jobs left college, as he didn’t understand how it would help him to understand what he wants to do in his life. Steve grew up in a foster family; he simply didn’t want to spend the money of his parents, which they postponed for a long time.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg, the young founder of the social network, wanted to do something that might surprise the Harvard University Commission to get more chances to go there for study. But it turned out that the beloved business was delayed and began to bring dividends, so the study had to be postponed.
  3. Bill Gates also dropped out of training to develop his potential. But later, to fill the place on the wall in his office, he went on and passed all the exams in order to obtain a diploma which had justified long time ago.

    You need to decide for yourself, if higher education makes you happy and you want to enter a dreamed university, then go forward to it, as it will be an excellent continuation of your hobby. You’ll get new knowledge and experience that will help you in your life.

     And if you are not sure that you want to work as a manager in the future, and feel that you can create something on your own, something useful for others, then you should think twice. Talk to friends or acquaintances who have already reached certain points in their lives, find out if diploma helped them or not.

Image Credits: Unsplash