Balance your savings seamlessly with zero balance savings account

Shopping for groceries, going to the doctor’s chamber, paying the electricity or other utility bills, dining with family… It seems like we all have a never-ending to-do list on a daily basis. How we manage this? Simple, it is our savings bank account which comes handy in meeting these daily/weekly or monthly needs!

In the past, opening a savings bank account and making deposits and withdrawals required numerous trips to a brick-and-mortar bank branches. The new age savings bank account aims to change banking the way we know it by bringing the entire bank squeezed to fit into our smartphone or through mobile Apps or through a desktop.

Your savings bank account lets you deposit, withdraw, do shopping, pay utility bills and transfer money with lightning speed while offering good interest rates as well. There are zero balance savings accounts wherein you need not maintain any minimum balance but offers you 6-7% interest on the balance amount left after meeting the necessary expenses.

How to open a savings account

To open zero balance savings bank account, the banks in India nowadays leverages biometrics-enabled ID and Aadhaar card to ensure that there is no paperwork involved. Anyone with a PAN Card, Aadhaar Card and a smartphone can open savings bank account on a real-time basis. For the initial account opening authentication, banks have tied up with various merchant outlets where you can go and get your documents verified. Alternatively, you can also visit the bank branch and get the documents verified only once.

You can earn good interest

Even a zero balance savings bank account pays you interest as high as 7% on the average daily balance that you maintain in your savings bank account. While there is no need to maintain a balance as it is a zero balance account, but usually you keep some balance to meet your daily needs and therefore your savings bank account rewards you by paying the interest even on that amount. Isn’t it fun getting some extra money while enjoying all the convenience offered by your savings bank account!

No need not pay any fees while you can grow your savings

Most of the banks do not charge you anything extra if it is a zero balance savings account opened online. As you can get interest as high as 7% on the money kept in the account even for a day, you grow your savings further without having to pay anything to the bank. Thus, the extra money earned on the savings bank account helps you meet some small short-term needs.

You can easily access your account online

The benefit of an online savings account is that you can access it online through your smartphone or desktop anytime. This convenience leaves you with more time on your to-do list to better manage your daily finances. You could even check in your savings bank account while shopping at the mall, sitting idle in the park or while buying groceries in the neighbourhood or waiting for the doctor’s appointment.

Saving and managing money on a daily basis can be a cumbersome work, but it does not have to be if you are having a savings bank account which helps you do everything online. By automating your savings and expenses through a zero balance savings account you actually balance your savings seamlessly. Remember, the amount does not have to be large to enjoy all the conveniences. It’s a great way to maximize your online savings bank account benefits.

Featured image: Pixabay