Illustrating a Point – The Essentials of Graphic Design

A craftsman is only as good as his tools. When it comes to the exciting world of graphic design, creativity will get you far, but the right tools will transform you into a pro. Whether you are an industry veteran or starting out in the design job market, here are the essentials you need to make you stand out from the crowd.

Professional Printing

Graphic designers must ensure that their digital masterpieces translate into the real world. One essential aspect of professional graphic design is ensuring that your digital designs are printed in the highest quality for your clients.

In-house printing gives you more control over what the final printed product will look like. Fortunately, many modern printers with HP ink cartridges, are up to the task of delivering professional quality prints. Photo inkjet printers are a good choice for achieving picture-perfect graphic design proofs. In fact, there are some inkjet printers now on the market with over 12 colour pots, so your prints can benefit from the full range of colour and tones available.


Every graphic design professional needs a suite of modern software to assist in the design process. Adobe software suites including InDesign and Photoshop, are currently popular among many design professionals.

Investing in professional graphic design software can take your work to the next level. With so many options available, it is important to consider whether your choice of software caters specifically for your niche and professional needs. If you engage mainly in vector design, your software needs will differ dramatically from another professional who engages mainly in typography. It is therefore imperative to do your research, before committing to any software subscription.


This may seem like a no-brainer item for any graphic designer, but your choice of a computer can have significant impacts on your success in the creative industry. We are all familiar with the age-old debate of Mac vs PC. However, choosing a computer for your graphic design needs requires much more consideration than a choice between two leading brands.

Before you purchase a work computer, it is vital to consider the software, tools and resources that you require. Some software will only be compatible with certain computer brands. Other tools and additional features; such as touch screens or wireless capabilities, will only be available in recently released models. As your primary tool in graphic design, your choice of computer is an individual and an incredibly important decision. Only you know your unique creative processes, and the specific tools and features you need to achieve your professional goals.


As the Age of Digital steamrolls forward, many graphic designers still prefer the humble pen and paper. To have the best of both worlds, it’s a great idea to purchase a tablet. Tablets are highly recommended by graphic design experts. A stylus can be used on a tablet in the same way that you put a pen to paper, but comes with the added bonus of easily converting your design to the digital world.

V Dual Monitors

A dual monitor setup uses two screens operating from the same computer. This advanced setup is a must for any design professional looking to maximise their productivity.

By using dual monitors you can run multiple programs and software simultaneously. It also means you can transfer data across applications with ease. This is essential if you are using Photoshop or similar software for image design, and another application altogether for typography. Dual monitors allow you to see the individual components of your digital design across two screens, and bring them all together for completion.

Investing in these essential tools for any graphic designer, will help you work smarter, and take your creative career to the next level. With the design industry quickly becoming a breeding ground for exciting new software, technology and innovation, it’s worth trying out some new tools!