Marketing 101: 5 Marketing Ideas that Will Get you attention

Despite its widespread use in business, many people starting off their business can still be unclear on what marketing is. They may also be unsure of how best to use it. But, marketing is simple. When applied well it can help increase your revenue and your brand.

Marketing is the simple act of building awareness and perceived value of your brand. Today, there are more ways than ever to do this.

But, choosing the right way is key because marketing works at it’s best when it is in sync with the values your business. Your marketing also needs to stand out from the millions of other businesses attempting the same thing.

So, a good marketing strategy should stand in line with your company and it’s services, be unique, and build a need for your products or services. It also has to be unique to catch attention.

For these business people, we’ve put together 5 marketing ideas that that can catch people’s attention. These are also low-cost, so you can implement them whether you run a small, medium, or large business.

Cold calling

This is an age-old means of marketing. The reason it still exists and the reason it made the list is simple: It works.

For those unfamiliar, cold calling is phoning people who you think may be interested in your services and selling to them. Many people may think this approach isn’t unique, and they may have been correct twenty years ago.

But, the widespread use of social media, television, and radio to advertise means most don’t cold call anymore. This makes you stand out from many other marketers who don’t directly contact their potential clients.

It also adds a personal touch that isn’t available with any other method of marketing. One important tip is to get to know who you’re calling beforehand. Social media has made it easy to get to know someone’s interests and hobbies before ever meeting them.

Then you can personalize their call and, with some good salesmanship, have a new client in only a few minutes. You can also tailor your message. So, whether you’re looking to spread awareness or increase revenue, cold calling is useful.

The one drawback to this method is that it can become time-consuming with a lot of calls, especially with follow-ups. So, make sure you prioritized when and with who you’re using this method.

Facebook Ads

More and more people are starting to see the value in advertising on Facebook. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. Facebook ads allows you to see who views your ads, who interacts with them, and how many followers it gets you.

It’s also one of the cheapest forms of advertising, allowing you to set the daily budget and audience. Facebook will also tell you how many people will see your ad.

So, you can use Facebook ads to create custom ads for each of your target audiences. This allows you to market each specific service or product for who it was meant for. Couple this with Facebook’s billion users and you’ve got a very powerful, cost-friendly marketing tool.

One tip here is to favor video or photo ads over just written text, and to make the ad as relatable as possible to your targeted audience.

Snapchat Filters

Using snapchat filters is a marketing method that has largely flown under the radar. This method stands where Facebook ads were a few years ago, in that few large companies use them. But, using a Snapchat filter for a public story offers a way to increase your perceived brand value.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps for under 25-year-olds. So, if you’re targeting a young audience, a custom Snapchat filter showing your logo can improve brand equity.

One issue with Snapchat is you first have to add your followers by getting their username. This stands in contrast to Facebook and Instagram, who show your ads to everyone. But, this can lead to a more intimate form of marketing that may get you more clients or buyers.  


Like cold calling, this method makes the list because it is both effective, and neglected nowadays. Using existing clients and buyers to get you new ones is one of the most effective way to grow your business.

This is because they will usually recruit their friends and family, who trust their recommendation more than any ad.

So, by offering an incentive to your customers like a discount or partial refund for every new customer they bring, you can efficiently grow your business at no extra cost. This method will be less effective depending on your products though, and mainly works for services, so use it wisely.


With the invention of the spam folder and declining open rates, many have given up on email. This is a mistake. Some of the biggest and fastest growing businesses still use email today. This is why you still see offers and landing pages on websites that ask for your email address.

Emails are highly customizable and time-efficient. This is because they can be automated. You can also merge different marketing techniques with them, like send a YouTube video in your email. This can help make your email unique and add more content for users.

This can then hopefully lead to more subscribers through people forwarding them on and greater sales from more clients.

With all of the demands today, it’s not hard to see why many people struggle with marketing their business. This is especially true of small and medium business owners.

These entrepreneurs don’t usually have access to high marketing budgets. They also can’t afford to hire marketing staff or outsource it to advertising firms. Take these tips into consideration when you’re marketing your business.