The best sports cars for a family

Unsplash/Alistair Smith

It’s fair to say that sports cars are quite obviously the sleekest, most fun-to-drive sort of vehicle you can get your hands on these days. It’s just a shame that most of them have only two seats, right? Fortunately, there are lots of speedy cars out there with two extra seats, keeping the same sporty howl of your favourite rally-bred racing machine, and here are a few of them we think you’d love!  

Audi TTS

We all know the original TT was and remains amongst the most beautiful of Audi’s fleet, but since it features two seats inside the cabin, some of us just aren’t impressed with it anymore. After many critics picked up on the lack of passenger space, Audi saw the dire need to put the TT through a little renovation to enhance its interior layout – ‘the more, the merrier’, they usually say. And indeed, it is merrier than the TT itself. Rather than having only two passengers enjoy the ride, its third and fourth seat enables two extras to experience the thrill of the racing machine at speed.


It’s easier to differentiate BMW’s M2 from all the other ordinary sports cars on the market and since it has four seats, sporty motorists have the dire urge to invest in one themselves. Although the cabin features a lack of style and authenticity – unlike Audi’s TTS – the M2 makes up for it with an engaging driving experience. This version is offered with only rear-wheel drive, using an incredible 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged engine with 370hp for an exhilarating performance – and as a plus, it makes a sporty howl at speed to kick-start your journey!

Porsche 911

The good ol’ 911 has been the dream Porsche coupe for a huge segment of motorists and since it’s more than 50 years old, with more than one million models produced worldwide, it’s about time we all got to know the real reason people love Porsche! If you’re one of those who took one look at the 911 and assumed that there’s not a chance in the world you could cram four people inside the cabin, then perhaps you should reconsider your opinion on that one. Admittedly, nobody expected the car maker to add an additional two seats to the cabin space of its 911 coupe, but we’re not complaining! It just means that, if you decide to take a ride in Porsche’s 911, you’d have to be very tolerant of the limited amount of head and legroom. We’re certain the driver won’t care much for its limited space – appealing handling and a variety of blubbering flat-six engines make it fantastically fun and incredibly fast too. Its impeccable build quality and cosy cabin materials complete this tempting package, just beware the cost of the different options.