Sean Penn Releases ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’, Gives A Satirical Take On Scenarios In Society

Unsplash/Vince Gaspar

Sean Penn has always been someone who liked to step out of the ordinary and into the unknown to be able to create his art and express himself. This can be seen through his acting, his direction, the film and theatre that he has partaken in, along with the new book that he just released. Right from winning an Academy Award for best actor, to taking up roles that have been iconic, if not memorable within the industry. He has always been an innovative creator, and with the newest creation that he has released, he is set to redefine what it means to be a creative individual with a big imagination.

The list of achievements that Penn has under his name is nothing short of amazing. He has been able to excel at everything he has set his mind to and has proven to be a huge success in the things that he has taken up.

The recent book that Sean Penn decided to release is not something that one would expect coming out from the well-established actor, but at the same time, is entirely something that he would envision and bring to life. It has caught critics and fans off guard, and at the same time, has captivated audiences through his storytelling and the piece that he has brought to life.

The new book called ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ is a story that revolved around the life Bob Honey, a person who operates as an international assassin who has his eyes set on a target that he has to take down. The general category of people that Bob Honey is known to target is elderly people, and his weapon of choice is a mallet through which he kills his targets. This causes a certain amount of recognition to come his way because of his unusual choice of weapon and the manner in which he kills. However, the book is not an only a story about the assassin, but rather the political happens that occur around the area where the assassin operates. The book, instead of being referred to as a murder mystery thriller can rather be seen as a satirical take on the political scenarios that persist in our countries and throughout the world.

The decision to write a book over other forms of creative expression that Penn is usually accustomed to is something that came out of an inherent love for writing that Sean Penn has had since he was young. In the past, he has written several articles that outline various aspects of society and also which have a satirical take on the political scenarios in countries. Scriptwriting has also been something that Penn is familiar with, and was something that he would regularly indulge in while he was working as a director and an actor. This love for literature and writer has now been transferred over to the new book that Penn has written.

Because of the success that the book has seen and the positive response that Penn has been able to earn, the future as an author and as someone who regularly puts out literary work is something that fans are now expecting. With the success of the book, it is safe to assume that Penn will keep on with his love for writing and hopefully release something that captivates his audience once again.