Removing a Canadian Criminal Record

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Receiving a criminal record for a violation of the law has the potential to create many problems in your life. No-one intentionally sets out to break the law, but sometimes we make ill-decisions, or trust the wrong people and end up on the wrong side of the law. If you have a criminal record, then your focus should not be on how you got it, but rather on how to remove it and clear your name.

Is your Criminal Record Setting You Back?

Receiving a criminal record will jeopardise your standing in society. Financial institutions, insurance companies, rental agents, and leasing companies will all reject any requests for credit or use of their facilities if you are a convicted criminal. As a criminal, you are required to disclose your status to your employer, and this could result in your possible termination from your job and a loss of income.

A criminal record can make things like international travel an impossibility, as you will require a clearance certificate from foreign customs and border control agents and when they discover you have a criminal record, they will deny you entry into the country. Violating the rules of society leaves you on the outside, and you will never be able to work in financial services or own your own company again.

Important Notes About Record Suspensions

If you are concerned about how your criminal record will impact your opportunity in the future, you can gain confidence knowing that it is possible to have your record suspended. A suspended record seals your files from the public domain. All financial services providers and employers background checks on your will not reveal your previous conviction.

A record suspension gives former criminals a second opportunity at entering society and the chance to develop themselves into productive, valuable members of the community, without being judged for their past. If your conviction did not involve a crime against children, and you do not have more than two other convictions where you served more than two years in jail, you may be eligible for a record suspension.

For those former criminals that manage to have their record suspended, it is important to note that Federal authorities are still able to unseal your records and use them against you in further trials if you commit another offence. If you are one of the lucky people who manage to get a record suspension issued to you, then make sure you do all you can from crossing paths with the law again.

What’s Required to Remove Your Criminal Record?

Receiving a record suspension is a complicated and lengthy process that can be frustrating if you have never done it before. It’s best to use a professional services provider that specialises in assisting former criminals have their record suspended. The consulting firm will walk you through the process and ensure that you are updated at all of the necessary stages of the application. Find a local service provider to help you with the required documents and procedures such as Fingerprinting in Toronto . Working with professionals is the fastest, most reliable way to have your record suspended.