Naming Your Business And Choosing Your Logo

A lot of time and effort goes into starting a business. However, people don’t spend enough time on the name and designing the logo of the company.

These are more important than you think.

People make a decision based on subconscious thoughts 90% of the time. A good name and logo are guaranteed to grab the attention you want.

The name of the company is the first thing a person is going to hear. Similarly, the logo is the first thing they will see. These two have to be great, so you can make a powerful first impression.

The name of your company is what you will be known by. Here are a few things you can go through to help you come to a decision.


Have a notepad in front of you. Write down all the names that come to your mind. Keep going until you feel like you’re satisfied with the name you’ve chosen. At the same time, keep going over your list and eliminating ones you don’t like.

It can be a long and tedious process. Get your team together and use their help. Once you arrive at the something you like, you’ll be happy that you took the time.

Play Around With Words

Start with words you feel are related to what your company does. Try all sort of combinations till you find something that sounds right.

Don’t overthink. After one point, you might not like the sound of a perfectly good name. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be good.

Make It Meaningful

The name of your company has to have some meaning. It can be meaningful to you at that point. Make sure you won’t change your mind about it later.

Use strong words to send a message. At the same time, don’t say too much with the name. You want there to be a story or mystery about it that the customer will discover later.

Keep It Simple

Don’t choose a name that’s long or complicated. Complex names are harder to remember. Go with something that’s simple and memorable.

Test it

Test the name out for yourself. Say it out loud and see if it sounds right. You can try it out on different people and get their opinion as well.

Search for it

Google the name you’ve chosen. If your name has keywords, chances are that it may appear at the top when searched.

Searching for it is a good way to find if the name is already taken.

Take the time to design your logo. When you look around, there are many interesting logos that you’d remember. Take inspiration from them and make yours with the same thought process that they used to make theirs.

You will be identified by your logo. Be sure of what you’re choosing.

There are two ways you can go about it. You can make logo online by yourself or by paying a professional to do it for you.

Either way, you have to have a clear idea on how to go about it. A great logo can take you a long way.

Stick To The Name

If you feel like the name you’ve chosen for the company is strong, then you can make a logo out of it. You can change the font, color, and size of the name and design to make it look attractive.

Use Pictorial Images

You could use an image to represent your company. The image you choose has to be relevant to the business you’re in.

For example, Shopify is in the business of creating e-commerce websites. Their logo is a green shopping bag with the letter ‘S’ on it, with ‘Shopify’ is on the side.

You could go for a model like this. It has both an image and the name of the company.

There are 5 things that make a good logo.


  • Simplicity


A logo that is simple is more memorable than something that’s complicated. It makes it more recognizable as well.


  • Functional


Your logo should work well with all your products. It should be visible. It has to be flexible enough to be printed on different materials and sizes. Check if it works on all of them.


  • Timeless


Pick a logo that will work for a long time. If you spend the right amount of time and effort to create it, you won’t have to change it frequently, if at all.


  • Unique


Your logo shouldn’t remind people of any other logo. It has to be original and distinct to grab attention.


  • Memorable


A well-designed logo will be interesting. It will make it memorable. This will increase the chances of them buying from you.

Be sure to license both the name and the logo of your company, so you don’t have to worry about something stealing your logo and identity.

Image Credits: Unsplash