How to prepare a winning speech to convince?

Entrepreneurship is all about pitching. That is the primary source of investments and success. What are the negative factors that can ruin your way to a profitable business?

5 Things to Avoid When Making a Killer Business Pitch

A pitch is a statement, which contains a problem and offers its solution. Entrepreneurs peach all the time. They are earning their living out of this and get what they pitch for. A killer is a version, which forces your customer give you money after taking a look at the presentation. The idea can be not jet finished, but customers are ready to invest immediately. That is the win.

Entrepreneurship always starts with a dream. You start your way and never know for sure where you will finish. Entrepreneurs are dreaming about fixing a problem, like improving a service, fixing systems, in other words, making this world better. Sometimes it might be very personal problems like being an orphan (Roman Abramovich), or abundance of parents (Steve Jobs), or hunger and lack of money in childhood. You take the problem and convert into something positive, like entrepreneurship.

1. Not considering your customers

When preparing a business pitch, there is the main thing to consider – your customer. As a successful businessman, you should always consider what, how, when, under which circumstances your potential clients will buy your product. You have to learn their mindset. Only with this main and crucial knowledge, it is possible to prepare the killing talk or presentation to convince.

Many young entrepreneurs forget about this important detail, which sets the mechanism working. They concentrate on disruptive and less critical things like website, investments, branding, style, design. In other words, they are promoting their dream. What they should do is to promote the dream of the customer. That is the main point. That is what differs a regular presentation from the one that forces immediate investments. All previously described issues are important in later stages when you have earned enough money to cover these expenses.

2. Not talking to people

Before promoting the dream of your client, you should figure out what this dream is. Various people have various dreams. Some don’t acknowledge or have forgotten that they have one. The only way to discover the most wanted fantasies of your customer is due to the conversation. You should talk to people. You should be inside of their minds and find out all their desires to be a successful entrepreneur. In a conversation, you should be a listener and collect all the precious information you will use later in your business plan. This will also help you to create a convincing and efficient speech and presentation. This is your great business pitch. These are two milestones before completion of which you shouldn’t start preparing your talk to convince.

3. Fear of failure

That is one of the most preventing things from any success. The important idea, which will reveal you from fear of failure is to acknowledge that it is not real. Any situation can be treated as a failure of as a success from the different viewpoints. That is a mind changer. Once you realize the idea, you will never have any fears again and won’t try to avoid it. The guiding ideas, which are also helpful are:

  • Failure is going to happen eventually.
  • You fail only if you stop acting. If you continue investing efforts, you will succeed eventually.

Does it answer the question ‘how to pitch an idea’? Yes. Your presentation is whether stillborn or bound to succeed. You can also ask experts for helping you out with the presentation, like you did with writing college application essays. You will discover it only by investing efforts in its promotion. Your success depends on whether you continue going forward after failure.

4. Do not do any branding

Don’t waste money on unnecessary covers. Don’t try to create an illusion of your hard work in pitching a business idea. People notice everything. Be honest and open-minded. No one needs a website for this. All you need at the beginning is you, your idea and your spending skill of making a killer pitch. Many people have created a company having a visit card and a website. Branding and all the other things like that only disrupt you from the main aspects of business and successful talk to convince which are

  • Solving the problem
  • Talking to people
  • Finding out customers’ dreams

5. Not knowing what success means to you

If you fail and stop making any efforts, that would be a failure. If you fail and continue going, you will come to success. Define that does it mean to you. If you believe that you have already failed in your most significant dream of your life, then you must have a wrong understanding of success and life happiness. These philosophical and rhetorical questions are worth mentioning in your striking speech or presentation. People love motivation, and their dreams becoming true.

Featured Image Courtesy: Pexels