The Importance of Coaching After 10th Standard

Students who have just passed the 10th standard should now realise that the coming two years are crucial for their career. From choosing their desired stream to competing in the entrance examination and chasing dreams, a student will go through it all. There will be tough times, frustration with studies, and even broken friendships to say the least. However, a student must always keep their goals centred and prepare for their career. There are only a couple of shots at their career, and a student may want to do his or her best.

Students who wish to pursue engineering or medical sciences from the best institutes in India must crack the JEE or NEET exam respectively. The good news is – starting next year both JEE and NEET will be conducted twice a year in January and April. So, students who dream of becoming engineers and doctors must utilise their time wisely and give their best at these exams.

Every engineering and medical aspirant has their own way of preparing for entrance exams. However, most of them join a coaching institute as a primary source of learning. Joining a coaching institute puts a student miles ahead as it supplements their school education. Solely because, a coaching institute specialises in preparing students for tough competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

Many students do join coaching institutes as early as in class 8 to supplement their studies and lay a strong foundation. However, joining a coaching institute after 10th is highly recommended. There are many coaching centres like Aakash Institute that conduct scholarship exams for class 10 passed students. ANTHE, which is conducted by Aakash Institute provides students with 100% scholarship and cash rewards.

Here are some reasons why coaching after 10th standard is important

  • Better Prepared for Competitive Exams

Students who take up coaching classes after class 10th are better prepared to take on the toughest competitive exams like NEET and JEE. By supplementing their school education with a coaching institute, students are acquainted and prepared thoroughly. From the syllabus to examination pattern and advanced study material, a student has it all when they join a coaching centre.

  • Students Take Competitive Exams More Seriously

When students join a coaching centre, the environment dictates them the seriousness. Since every other student is a part of the competition, students realise the magnitude of competition which makes them take their studies more seriously. Most coaching institutes like Aakash Institute foster a competitive environment that pushes students to manage their time and give their best result.  

  • Less Pressure

The syllabus of JEE and NEET is vast by any standard. It often overwhelms students, and it becomes difficult for them to understand everything at school. The competition and difficulty level of JEE and NEET exams are also respectively higher than board exams. By joining a coaching institute, students prepare for competitive exams in a much-relaxed manner and are seldom under pressure. All the syllabus is covered at the coaching institute, and students can prepare better.

  • Unmatched Faculty and Study Material

The faculty at coaching institute have been preparing students for JEE and NEET exams since decades. They are well versed with the syllabus, questions and pattern of the examination that is required to teach students for their best. Coaching centres like Aakash Institute have experienced faculty who are well known to produce results for over two decades. The study material provided by Aakash Institute covers everything from the basics to the advanced level. It is interactive and easy to understand with both theoretical and practical questions.

  • Test Series

A student pursuing coaching will have to go through various test series that are a mock-up of the competitive exams like JEE and NEET. These test series are set as per the difficulty level of the competitive exams and help a student in understanding the examination pattern. It acquaints them thoroughly with the difficulty level of questions, tips and tricks and helps them manage their time more efficiently. Aakash Institute also conducts AIATS (All Indian Aakash Test Series) that is held at an all India level and ranks students accordingly.

Any student who wishes to pursue engineering or medical sciences in India must consider joining a coaching institute right after 10th standard. The scholarship exams for class 10 passed students helps them to study without any financial burden. Winning a scholarship by doing well in ANTHE also boosts their self-confidence and spearheads their journey to IITs and AIIMSs.