Tips for Riding a Bike in Hot Summers

Image via Unsplash/David Marcu

Summers mean scorching heat and high temperatures, especially in tropical and desert regions where day temperatures can reach up to 40-45oC. Summers can be quite irritating and troublesome especially for bikers. Summer heat combined with horrible traffic jams make for the worst bike riding experience. The heat can even take a toll on a biker’s health. Hence, it is suggested that you follow these tips to make your bike ride tolerable in summer.

Cover Up!

The scorching heat may tempt you to go for bike rides in shorts and tees. Beware! Don’t give in to your temptation. Cover yourself completely without leaving any part of your skin exposed to the harsh sun. When skin is exposed to direct sunlight, it causes skin damage and skin burns. Wear full sleeves, cotton shirts and pants that will completely cover up your body. Wear gloves to protect your fingers and palms and never forget your helmet!

Stay hydrated

Always carry water bottles while out in the sun. During summers, the body tends to sweat a lot in order to cool itself down. In doing so, 2-3% of your body fluids are lost. If these fluids are not replaced, you may suffer from heat exhaustion or even worse, a heat stroke! Drinking water frequently can protect you from exhaustion. If you feel uneasy while driving, pull over your bike, rehydrate yourself and rest till you recover.

Take care of your eyes

It’s a good idea to invest in goggles during summers. It protects your eyes from harmful UV rays when out in the sun and makes for a good style statement as well! Harsh sunlight may affect your eyes and cause eye burns or cataract. Moreover, direct sunrays can block your vision, making it difficult to view the road ahead, causing accidents. Your two-wheeler insurance will take care of any damage caused to your precious bike but it’s you who will have to take care of yourself!

The 12-3 rule

Wondering what 12-3 is? It’s the most dangerous time of the day (12noon-3 pm) when the sun is directly over our heads. This is the hottest period of the day and it’s advisable to stay indoors. You can go on your much beloved bike rides early in the morning or in the evening during summers. Early morning/late-afternoon rides actually have more benefits than that of a 12 noon ride as you get quieter and less congested roads.

Keep an eye on the road

Well, this is one instruction you should always follow. It is very important to keep an eye on the road especially during summers as the road expands and tarmac melts, leaving slippery and sticky tar patches on the road causing bikes to skid.

Summers like any other season can cause casualties and mishaps. Two wheeler insurance will take care of your bike while this short guide will help you take care of yourself. Have a safe ride!