How to Pet-proof Your Home


Pets are amusing organisms which help the humans to relieve mental distress and depression. Their play, concern, love and many other features attract a man and make him affectionate to the dog. Training is the most effective tool for every master and it is his responsibility to provide the pet with adequate exercises and commands. The commands issued by the master should be very clear to hear and make sure that the commands do not match with their sounds. Pets don’t understand English but, they catch the sound and act.

On this basis, if you have two commands which sound similar then there is a possibility for the dog to misunderstand. This type of mistakes happens in certain breeds of dogs which has some degree of deafness. Even though pets are great companions to humans, they are not the same when there is no one at home to command them. In such situations, pets run through the house, do whatever they want and may cause enough damages to the couches, kitchen wares, clothes etc. Here are some tips to pet-proof your home before you leave your house with your pets.

  1. Baby gates

Baby gates are small gates which are installed at the entrance of a room or it can be remodeled to entangle the animal inside it. Some pets would be too naughty during the absence of its master causing serious damage to the couch, kitchen cabinets etc. In order to protect these items, it would be always better to control the pet instead of concentrating the household items. You may have a large number of articles which needs to be protected but you can’t carry it to a safe room every time you leave your home. Entangling the pet inside a simple room with no crucial and chewy items would be more efficient.

  1. Crates

Crates are small cages which can hold the animal without getting out. Some species of pets are very clever enough to open the door of the crate and get out. There are also latch door crates which cannot be opened by the pets and one such crate would serve you the best. If you entangle your pet inside a crate make sure you have a pretty lengthy and spacious crate which would allow the animal to be free, play and enjoy with its chew toy. Moreover, ventilation given to the crate should be adequate to prevent depression in the animal.

  1. Electrical outlets and wires

When a pet is left free in the absence of the owner, he would probably search for a food and then something to chew. At first they go for the bed, clothes and couch and then they propagate to the electrical cords and outlets. We can understand that the electrical wires are chewy and long enough for the pets to play with. They start pulling out the cable and out of anxiety they start to chew the electrical wires. Ignorant about the electrical hazards they play with it which might serious burns and skin damage to the pet. Moreover, if there is short circuit it might also cause damage to the entire house including your pet. So, it is crucial to install your electrical wires beyond the reach of your pet to ensure protection and home proof.

  1. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are high risk zones for the pets. Kitchens have long and strong cupboards which includes hydraulic, spring or magnetic closures which might cause intense health issues to your pets. Moreover, it includes grinders, mixes, microwave ovens and gas stoves etc which are very sensitive. Your pet could go there, eat something which could cause allergies and result in non-coordination and many other health issues too. Moreover, bathrooms house the washing machine, dryers, bathtubs, sinks etc. Small puppies and kittens may get drowned inside the bathroom tubs; sometimes they may sleep inside a dryer or washing machine. Unaware about it, you would switch it on and what then? So, Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and doors should be closed for eminent home proof environment.

  1. Trashcan

Trash cans which are of open type are highly vulnerable to the attacks of your pet. Usually trash cans contain unwanted wastes like wrappers, cloth pieces, dust, vegetable and fruit wastes etc. Dogs have an intention to search throughout a garbage dump unmindful about what they are searching. Uncovered trash cans would be spilled throughout the living room due to your pet’s detective sense. So, always buy a trash can that can be opened only by holding a latch and such latches would ensure your home proofing very well.

  1. Out of reach

Almost all the houses would have useful gadgets like knives, scissors, guns, sharp objects, medicines, coins, balloons, plants, alcohol etc. These elements when left without concern your pet would play with it causing serious troubles. Housing such items in some higher places would be the best idea to safeguard your pet and the house. Even if these items are placed at a specific height, cats can reach them easily and so locking these items inside a cabin is very crucial.

  1. Food and Candy

All animals have a passion for hunting their own food. Even though the master provides enough and healthy food to them pets always love to find their food by solving a mystery. Food items at the dining table would be half eaten by your pets regardless of the type of the food. Some foods, especially candies may be very much toxic to the pets as they contain an ingredient called methylxanthines. Also keep your ornamental plants above the reach of your dog in order to prevent the accidental consumption of the plant by the pet causing severe health issues.

  1. Proper toys

Dogs always have a mentality to chew anything by their sides. Driven by this intuition they start to chew items by tables, chairs, wires, cots etc causing intense damage to them. In order to overcome such a loss, it would be better if the owner provides the dog with a perfect chewy toy which would not tear in spite of the effort given by your pet.

  1. Train with treats

All pets are very sensitive to awards and treats. Whenever your dog does something good appreciate him with some dog snack which he would remember and do the same for the similar upcoming situations. Moreover, it is also some sort of training. Try to get around 20 commands like using the litter box which could be easily understood by your pet and each time it performs well you greet him with a snack. Remember, do not provide snack if he does something wrong.

  1. Protect your possessions

We have a lot of possessions in our home which cannot be shifted often just for the cause of the dog. Meantime, we have to protect our possessions from the beast at home. Otherwise, no possession can be kept inside the house without damage. So it would be better to use no- chewy sprays all over the important possessions to keep your stuff safe from your pet.