SEO: What makes it such an efficient tool in the digital world?

[su_pullquote]For enterprises, these days, a considerable chunk of marketing spend is dedicated to the digital and out of that SEO holds a considerable percentage.[/su_pullquote]

Well, we are talking about one of the most powerful yet invisible tools that has changed the way the world speaks and sells over the internet. Guess who? Yes, it is none other than Search Engine Optimization! With the prowess of digital increasing day by day, SEO has emerged as one of the most irreplaceable strategies to secure the most coveted spot on the search engines ‘spaces’.  For enterprises, these days, a considerable chunk of marketing spend is dedicated to the digital and out of that SEO holds a considerable percentage. Therefore, enterprises prefer to avail professional SEO services in Gurgaon and focus on core business functions that fall within the purview of their expertise. Gurgaon is emerging as the hub for SEO services owing to the ever increasing scope for marketing function in the city and so, enterprises across the country prefer to connect to the SEO and digital marketing firms based out of Gurgaon.

SEO has various tools, which enable an internet service provider to have better access to customer understanding. | Source: Code Canyon

Moving to our topic of planning the SEO budget, let’s first understand clearly what makes up the Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not just a complex intertwining web of algorithms. It comprises of key elements such as:

On-site optimization

This refers to the complete layout and structure of a website including its content. On-site optimization is all about how a search engine crawlers respond to a website thereby, securing a place for it in the search engine space. Some of the important elements of on-site SEO optimization are the title tag, meta description, site navigation, internal linking, page URL, unique content, site speed & security.

Off-site optimization

This refers to building up a relationship and reputation with the search engines through a medium of external sites and platforms.

On-going content upgradations

Content is definitely the king.The quantity of quality content invites scope for Google to index it. A regular flow of such content automatically boosts the ranking amongst various search engines.

With so many parameters to take care of, it is logical only to opt for SEO services in Gurgaon. Moreover, a fair knowledge of SEO would enable any firm to carefully craft an SEO budget that would generate a meaningful ROI. Now the question is how should you plan your SEO budget? Here are some quick insights:

Research & audit

The first and foremost step is to conduct a thorough SEO audit including back link audit to understand the loopholes. Post this, back link audit, keyword research, competitor research are the action that must follow. This would help an enterprise understand the extent of involvement required in terms of both off site and on site page optimization.

Set the goals

Identifying the metrics to measure the website performance is super critical towards clearly drawing the goals for the next SEO campaign. Page ranking can be one metric. Sales numbers, page traffic can also be powerful metrics to define your goals. The important thing is to keep goals that are easily measurable.

Evaluate your resources and establish options

Once an enterprise has a fair idea of how much they can invest in corrective action, they can take the next step of either hiring an in-house SEO expert, a freelancer, or securing the services of an SEO firm. Each of these options will have a varying cost factor that an enterprise has to weigh and measure. The idea is to avoid misuse and generate the maximum result. Also, have a backup plan ready in case there is a glitch in the existing plan.

Measure ROI

Typically ROI is measured in terms of repeat customers buying a product or availing a service from a particular brand for more than once. This is known as ‘One shot model’ that aims at generating maximum in short span of time. But smart sellers know that the catch lies in including something called ‘total average lifetime profit’. This means implementing the philosophy of “securing a customer for life”.

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