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A man’s got to look sharp and tidy – be it for work or a date. And to do that, men must have grooming essential for daily shaving purposes. Speaking of shaving essentials, one brand which has an incredibly high recognition is Gillette. It’s definitely the ‘Best A Man Can Get’ both in terms of quality and price through Souq Coupons.

Now you can have everything from the brand Gillette at discounted by shopping from an online retail store – Check out discounts up to 82% and never miss a chance for a daily grooming routine. We have picked up the best offers available at discounts only at Souq.

Gillette Regular Shaving Foam 200 ml – Get 82% Off

Nothing can beat a classic. The regular shaving foam is a highly trusted product from Gillette which gives rich foam and creamy lather. The extra thick consistency of shaving foam gives a smooth shave. Men will have a softer and neat skin to touch. Millions of men trust Gillette Regular Foam. Get 82% off and save 39.18 AED only by shopping from Soup.

Regular Price – 47.78 AED
Souq Price – 8.60 AED

Gillette Fusion Men’s Razor Blade Refills, 4 Count – Get 23% off

The Gillette Fusion Men’s Razor blades is a combination of advanced shaving technology and refined performance. It delivers exceptionally soft and comfortable shave. Each refill has 5 blades that are spaced closely for less irritation factor. Its’ flexible comfort guard has 15 micro fins is perfect for face contours shave. The enhanced indicator lubrastrip fades to white indicating blade change. You can save 17.25 AED on this pack of four by shopping from Souq.

Regular Price – 76.00 AED
Souq Price – 58.75 AED

Gillette Blue Disposable Razors, 12 pieces – Get 34% Off

Disposable razors are a must have for men while travelling and touring. Each disposable razor comes with three independently mounted spring blades, a pivoting head that adjusts the contours of the face for a smooth shave. It is designed to give gentle shave especially to men with sensitive skin. The lubrastrip delivers extraordinary comfort while shaving. Save 19.67 AED on 12 piece pack only from Souq.

Regular Price – 76.00 AED
Souq Price – 58.75 AED

Gillette Flexball Power Razor – Get 25% Off

Gillette FlexBall Handle Power Razor’s 5 blade technology is meant for contour shaving. The blade stabilizer maintains fine spacing which allows the best response to contours of the face. It’s finely designed precision trimmer offers accurate edging and streamlined comfort guard offers optimal contact by removing excess shaving cream. Finally, the Lubrastrip infused with mineral oil rolls over the skin smoothly. Avail 25% discount on Souq to the power pack your shaving kit.

Regular Price – 70.35 AED
Souq Price – 52.88 AED

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Hydrating Shaving Gel, 200 ml – Get 13% Off

Gillette Fusion ProGlide is a hydrating shaving gel that is made from highly efficient glide ingredients meant for an incredibly smooth shave. The hydra smooth texture is made up of shea butter and glycerin that keeps the skin hydrated and helps to reduce the feel of shaving. It is one of the most high-quality product from Gillette and is offered at 13% discount only at Souq.

Regular Price – 21.00 AED
Souq Price – 18.25 AED

Gillette Fusion Manual Replacement Blades with 4 Cartridges – Get 59% Off

The Fusion Manual Replacement Blade has 5 blade shaving surface technology, a flexible comfort guard, and an indicator lubrastrip. Each blade has an improved front pivot smaller space between the blades that offers precise hair cutting and improved rinsing. It also comes with a precision trimmer installed on the back of the cartridge. You can save as much as 128.20 AED only by shopping from Souq.

Regular Price – 214.20 AED
Souq Price – 86.00 AED

Gillette Flexball Manual Razor – Get 26% Off

Another excellent quality product from Gillette, the Flexball Manual Razor features 5 thin fine blades for less tug and pull. It comes with an enhanced Lubrastrip having a touch of mineral oil. The flexball razor blade fits all fusion handles. The precision trimmer offers accurate edging and the streamlined comfort guard removes excess shaving cream for smooth shaving. Get 26% off on this piece only from Souq.

Regular Price – 52.50 AED
Souq Price – 38.99 AED

Gillette Blue Plus Machine Megapack, 14 Pieces – Get 31% Off

Another budget offer from Souq on 14 piece Blue Plus Machine Megapack. Its’ non-slippery handle offers controlled shaving experience and precision during unwanted hair removal. The lubricating strip has a touch of aloe vera for protection from shaving irritation. Avail 31% off from Souq and have a comfortable shave daily.

Regular Price – 27.36 AED
Souq Price – 18.99 AED

Gillette Fusion Pro Shield Chill Flexball Men’s Razor – Get 28% Off

Get 28% off on Gillette Pro Shield Chill Flexball for an exciting shaving routine with its lubrication blades. The blade technology shields from shaving irritation and offers cooling effect during shaving. It has Gillette’s best and finest blades tug and pulls free shave. The razor handle comes with FlexBall technology and Pro Shield is ideal for contour shaving and hard to take out hair.

Regular Price – 55.59 AED
Souq Price – 39.98 AED