How good sleep cultivates business leadership qualities in a person

Sleep is very important for the sound development of mental and physical faculties of the body. It is one of the sources of energy that recharges your body and nourishes various body organs with adequate nutrition and oxygen.

According to the survey conducted on business leaders, it has been found that poor sleep can adversely affect the leadership behaviour and financial performance of a businessman.

How sleep makes one a good leader at work?

Poor sleep can adversely affect the leadership behavior and financial performance of a businessman. Leadership behavior comprises of several qualities such as strong orientation to results, problem-solving abilities, different and fresh perspectives, and ability to support others.

[su_pullquote]Poor sleep can adversely affect the leadership behavior and financial performance of a businessman.[/su_pullquote]

With a relaxed sleep, a person gets a clear vision, creative thinking and new insights that help in solving the problems effectively.

A good sleep helps a person to understand the emotions, body language, and the tone of voice and expressions of others in a better way. This helps in avoiding misunderstandings and supports them in the best way.

Indications that you need a new mattress

  • If you feel body ache and pain after waking up in the morning.
  • If you spend maximum time tossing and turning on the bed throughout the night.
  • If you find any visible wear and tear signs such as sagging.
  • You experience the hardness of the coil after lying on your mattress.
  • Any noise or creak that you hear on the mattress when moving around.
  • Your mattress has been used for more than eight years.
  • You need a large size mattress.

What should be the ideal size of the mattress?

There are mattresses in different sizes available in the market. Knowing the different types of mattress helps in better selection.

  • Twin Mattress: This mattress is 39? wide x 75? in length
  • Twin XL (extra-long) Mattress: This mattress is 39? wide x 80? in length
  • Full-size bed or Double Mattress: This mattress is 54? wide x 75? in length
  • Queen Mattress: This mattress is 60? wide x 80? in length
  • King Mattress: This mattress is 76? wide x 80? in length
  • California King Mattress: This mattress is 72? wide x 84? in length

To find the right mattress size, for you and your family you should ensure that it is perfect even for the tallest person in your family. The width of the bed should be sufficient to fold the arms behind the head without touching the edge. Mattress-inquirer is the best place to buy premium quality bedding accessories to give the best quality sleep.

Determine the budget

Give more emphasis to the quality, support, comfort, and durability of a mattress. A mattress that fulfils these requirements is worth purchasing even if it costs you slightly more.

Test it

Testing is very important when you buy a mattress. Thoroughly test the options by laying on your back, stomach, and sides for a few minutes.


Essential bedding accessories that give you sound sleep


A pillow helps in supporting your neck and head region. The poor quality pillow can cause pain in these areas. Also, one must replace it after every 2 to 5 years.


A bed frame keeps the mattresses at the right place. It also occupies less space than footboards and bed rails. The Proper frame should be selected to support the mattress properly. It will also give you a cosy night’s sleep.

Mattress Protectors:

Mattress protector protects the interior and exterior of the mattress and keeps it clean.

For people who have a child should buy it as it protects their children from nighttime accidents.

There is a strong association between the quality of sleep and leadership qualities on a person. Getting proper sleep improves the organisational effectiveness, efficiency and individual well-being of a person.

Featured image credits: jtawellness
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