Indian medical revolution: The pharmacy is only a click away

There are several pharmacies in India that sell their medicine online. In fact, India leads in Asia in the production of generic medicine, which makes the some of the main drugs affordable. If you need to buy medicine online in India, websites like Netmeds make the online ordering process convenient and easy.

You should always seek medical attention from qualified medical personnel before buying the medicine. With the use of various medical instruments, the physician will correctly diagnose the ailment that afflicts you. Several conditions project similar symptoms thus making it hard to pinpoint the exact cause of a condition without further testing.

Several sites sell a mix of over the counter drugs, prescription medicine, vitamin, and supplements. You can buy vitamins, supplements and over the counter drugs without any prescription. However, you need to have a proper prescription to buy some other drugs, or else your request will be rejected,

Generic vs. Brand-name Medication

India is one of the leading countries in the production of generic medicine. This means that you will have to make a decision whether to buy a brand-name drug or generic drugs. Generic drugs are copies of known brand-name drugs and come in exact strength, risks, administration, side effects, dosage, and intended use as the original drug, as explained by WebMD.

Once a company develops a drug, it applies for a patent to be the sole provider of the medication. On the expiration of the patent, other drug manufacturers can apply to manufacture and sell generic drugs related to the drug. Since they do not incur the cost of research and development, their drugs are cheaper than the original drug. It is thus safe to buy generic drugs for the condition that you seek to treat. If you are not sure of the drug that you would like to take, talk to your doctor for assistance.

When making an order, you should state the exact drug that you would like to buy if you do not have a prescription. If you have a prescription, avoid the temptation of accepting other related drugs should the drug you want be unavailable. The alternative may not be of the same strength, dosage, or similar interactions as the drug that your doctor had prescribed.

Make use of the online pharmacy assistant available in several sites to have your questions and complaints sorted out. Never conclude your order if you are not sure of the drugs that you are buying. Owing to the fact that drugs require utmost care when handling, most online drug stores have a very stringent policy on the return of the medicine. You may lose your money since there is a high chance that the drugs that you choose to return may be rejected. Reasons for rejection may be due to tampering, expiration, or poor handling during transit.

Shop for the Best Prices

You may find the same drug selling at different prices at different online pharmacies. It is always good to look for the cheapest drug store to make a saving on the cost of the drug. Moreover, compare the prices with the local pharmacies and pick the cheapest in this case. You can take advantage of partner coupons that are available in several drug stores to get the very best prices for your order.

Check if your insurance cover covers buying the drugs. Sourcing the drugs from the stores that are covered by your insurance provider will save you from a lot of out of pocket expenses for your medication.

If you are buying drugs from out of India, it is important to check on the costs and shipping terms. A drug may be cheap, but the cost of shipping too high, making the drug very expensive. In the same breath, look at the return terms and condition should you find that the drug delivered is not what you had ordered. If you are not sure of the drug, seek the help of a pharmacist or any other health personnel before taking the medication.

Your Safety Online

Just like anyone e-commerce business, there are inherent risks that come with buying of medicine online. Your identity may be stolen together with your financial information. Read the website’s privacy information and decide if it is safe enough to share your information. The site must expressly commit to protecting your information. At least one of the online safety companies should also verify the site as safe.

If you are buying medicine for your clinic or healthcare establishment, the same rules apply. Seek manufacturer-approved partners for you to enjoy discounts and for the safety of the drugs that you buy online. You also have to have all the required licenses before purchasing the drugs.

India has laws in place to safeguard your interests as a buyer. Some money transfer companies also have consumer protection programs to ensure that you get the goods that you pay for. Take advantage of such assistance if you fail to get your drugs.