How to Control Termites in Your Property with these Landscaping Tips

Image Credits: Pixabay

Termites are disastrous and scary for every human being. If you do not take care of your property with effective termite control measures, then these vicious pests can ruin your property. It’s always better to stay safe by availing good pest & termites control services.

However, if you do not want risk your property being attacked then you must take smart steps and prevent the termites from entering your house. Check out these landscaping tips that be adopted to control the invasion of termites:


  • Clear Dead Wood and Other Wastes


Wood is one of the prime sources of food for termites. Especially rotten and dead woods attract termites greatly. Therefore, ensure to remove all dead and rotting trees and woods in and around your home. Keep your backyard clean and remove wooden debris lying in the yard.


  • Maintain Gap Between Your Home and Plants or Vegetation


Greenery surely adds up to the beauty of any house. But, if not taken care of properly, then it can be a headache. The plants and vegetation will offer excellent food source to termites. If you wish to beautify your property, take care that the plants are at some distance from the house.


  • Do Not Use Mulch Near Your House


If you use Mulch to cover the areas around your flower beds or to disperse rainwater, then you need to be careful. It will retain moisture and make it a food source for termites. You can do gardening few feet away from your house to avoid this risk.


  • Trim Trees and Shrubs Regularly


Keeping the trees and shrubs trimmed around your home is another smart way to stay risk free. Otherwise, if the trees grow their branches till your home, then it will be the source of wood and plant wastes around your property.


  • Keep Your Surroundings Dry


Dampened areas house these insects. In order to have termites control, you must keep your area dry. Ensure that the drains are well maintained and not creating mess.


  • Clean Your Water Bodies Regularly


If you have water bodies such as ponds and fountains around your house, then ensure that you have regular checks to keep them clean. Otherwise, it can attract termites and other pests. Also, mosquitoes will start breeding there.


  • Arrange Wooden Structures Away from Your Home


This is an important landscaping tip to keep termites away. Try to place the wooden structures such as decks and porches at few steps away from your house.

Prevent Termites from Getting Any Advantage

There are so many steps you must take to keep the risk of termites to minimum. Use minimum amount of wood, mulch, and trees near your house. If you fail to notice the termites attack in your property, then a termite control services provider can help you better.