Tired of reading all that old stuff? Here’s the newest in store for you

No worries. Get ready for something interesting, haunting and thrilling this time. Gone Girl’s author A.J. Finn brings you an electrifying and rip-raising novel “The Woman in The Window”, that will leave you completely stimulated.

This book is a complete package of suspense, thrill, mystery, and excitement. Full of suspense with twists and turns, this novel fulfills a reader’s thirst for reading. The story revolves around the protagonist, Anna Fox, who lives a solitary life and always keep looking out through the window. She witnessed a murder one evening but couldn’t believe her because she was totally drunk. To see what happens next? Go and read this mysterious tale.

A.J. Finn is one of the popular authors who has written for several publications, including the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post and has been one of the influential writers who has won several awards for his work.

Anna Fox left her home ten months ago and lives a solitary life in her new house, separated from her husband and daughter. She is a child psychiatrist and lives alone in Harmer brownstone and spends her whole day drinking, playing chess, chatting, talking to her estranged husband and daughter on phone, looking out of the window into her neighbor’s house, saying their lives and taking their photographs.

She becomes severely terrified after witnessing a breathtaking view in Russels’, her neighbor’s house. She heard a scream across the pin drop silence in her home.

She believes that she witnessed a murder but wasn’t sure about it because she was excessively drunk at that time. She thinks of sharing her experience with others and the Police but was afraid if anyone would believe her as she was extremely drunk.

The main concept and theme the story of the novel revolves around is a woman who leads a mysterious and devastating life who isolates herself from the social life and acts like a spy. The family bond of her neighbours fascinates her the most. She feels the vacant space of her husband and daughter in her life.

A native of New York who lived in England for ten years before returning to New York city, A.J. Finn is one the most renowned author. It is the pen name of Daniel Mallory who is a graduate of Oxford and works at William Morrow as a senior executive member. His debut novel, The Woman in the Window, brought him name and fame.

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Expert Review

New York Times best-selling author Gillian Flynn titled the novel as one of the astounding, thrilling, amazing and lovely novels. He praised Finn’s beauty in writings and mesmerizing characters.

Another best selling author of New York Times, Joe Hills, called this book as one of the compelling and wrenching ones.

“Dense, brilliant and unforgettable” is what Jenny Colgan said about the book.

Final verdict

The Woman in the Window is the first book by A.J. Finn which is currently in the stages of development to be a major motion picture by Fox. This is a must read a mysterious novel for those who are fond of reading thrilling and interesting fiction.

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