How effective is Distance Education in India?


Distance learning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formalized teaching and learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using electronic communication.

Distance learning is comparatively less expensive to support and is not constrained by geographic considerations. Thus, it offers opportunities in situations where traditional education has difficulty operating.

Students with scheduling or distance problems can benefit, as can employees because distance education can be more flexible in terms of time and can be delivered virtually anywhere. Students can study courses like B.A, B.Com, BCA, M.Sc, etc. Distance MBA in India is one of the most popular courses offered by various top-notch institutes.

How is it Different?

In regular education, students got to attend all regular classes and they have got to register a collection mark of attending at their school or institution, whereas in distance education, there is no necessity of attending regular classes.

Some other differences are:

Regular Education Distance Education
Private colleges charge a sizeable amount of fee. Students also have to pay other miscellaneous fees like administration charges, hostel fee, mess fee etc. Lectures are provided on the basis of syllabus through online mode.
Studies are done according to the college schedule. Studies can be done according to the student’s schedule.
A student has trained staff or faculties to ask any problem or get it solved by them. Some institutes offer doubt classes on fixed days.
Students are offered campus placements and job opportunities. Hardly any placement assistance is provided

Popular Courses

Here are some popular courses that can be pursued through distance education in India:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.):

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) is a broad interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program encompassing general education, electives and major area of study courses. The BA is a flexible degree that provides students with the optimal balance between a defined sequence of study and flexible course options. Top colleges offering this course are IGNOU, Sikkim Manipal University, Maduraj Kamaraj University, University of Madras etc.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA):

The Master of Business Administration is a master’s degree in business administration (management) The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations in a manner most relevant to management analysis and strategy. Candidates can opt-in colleges such as Indian Institute of Management Studies (Ghaziabad), Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning and ICFAI distance MBA.

Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA);

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is 3-year graduation degree course generally for those students who want to learn Computer languages and after that who wants to join software. Top colleges offering this course are Indraprastha Institute of Technology and Management, The L. F. College of Engineering and Management etc.

Benefits of Distance Education in India

Distance Education is helpful for students in India in the following ways:

1. Due to a continuous increase in the population and scarcity of infrastructure, financial, and personnel resources, distance education systems help millions of students to full fill their educational aspiration.

2. Getting education through Distance learning is Economical and less time-consuming. It paves way for an access to the latest technologically-rich environment.

3. Students can determine place and time of class in this Distance mode of Education. Students are always in the advantage of getting exposed to the latest study material developed in high academic atmosphere.

4. Distance Education offers lots of flexibility, now a person can design his/her own schedule to learn and simultaneously work. They can also learn at their own pace since the books and study material, lecture videos are all saved online.

5. It also offers a student the chance to choose from different colleges that offer various courses. Not only UG and PG courses, students get to enrol for various specialized short-term certificate and diploma programs.