Online investment with Olymp Trade: transform your approach to money-making

Have you ever considered trading on financial markets as a possible way to make a living? On one hand, we are a society with a certain set of rules, but on the other, the rapid technological revolution often makes us challenge our assumptions.

The magic of the Internet has revolutionized the mankind, the way it lives and works. Look at the “digital nomads”, for instance – today more and more people earn money while being location independent and not tied to a particular workplace. This became possible, because a number of modern professions (mostly in the digital realm) do not require your physical presence in a specified spot.

But you do not have to go live in some distant corner of the earth, if that seems too big of a jump. If you own a computer or a smartphone, there are plenty of ways to make money from the comfort of your home. And investing in various global financial markets is one of them.

See how much you can get with the help of online market trading platforms, like Olymp Trade – and no matter, if it is a small addition to your monthly salary, or a decent income – online investment, is definitely worth a try.

No need to be a man of fortune – 10$ suffice for a start

Historically, the society considered financial markets as some sort of hard-to-break industry that only a select circle of people has access to. These days are long gone. In a world leaning toward digitalization, the online investment could become a cash-boosting pursuit for everybody.

If you are interested in this opportunity, but prefer to stay cautious at the outset – you can start with only 10$. Because this is exactly the amount required to open a live account on the Olymp Trade investment platform.

Trading as a modern money-making opportunity

This affordability is explained by the fact that a trader does not have to actually own the asset, in order to benefit from the change in its value. Profits will be realized when the market has moved in the supposed direction – that is, whether the price increase or decrease corresponds to your forecast.

Each deal has a fixed payout (depending on the underlying asset) and a pre-set expiration time. All of these things you get to choose before the position is opened. Now, what are the assets you can work with on the Olymp Trade platform? Here’s the variety of them.

What’s traded on the Olymp Trade platform

Olymp Trade offers a whole host of assets covering almost all markets. Trading each of them has its own unique opportunities and challenges. It is essential to have a good understanding of your chosen category and the way it behaves depending on global trends.

For example, you can choose free-floating currency pairs, majors like EUR/USD or minors like USD/NOK. They are pretty volatile and therefore especially suitable for short-term trading. Or you can invest in commodity values, such as crude oil or precious metals. More options are stock prices of publicly traded companies, like Facebook and BMW, or indices representing the value of a certain group of stock. Dynamics of these instruments will be particularly affected by companies’ quarterly performance reports – that you will have to watch closely.

You can even opt for crypto assets, if you’re a fan of leading-edge technology. On the Olymp Trade platform, there are a dozen to choose from, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

Easy interface – only concentrate on what matters

Awareness of the market current developments, proper use of technical indicator tools, a well-considered strategy – these are the factors influencing your success as an online investor. The Olymp Trade platform gives you a great benefit of user-friendly interface, which means that technically speaking, each of your actions will be intuitive.

You will not get lost in an over-designed trader workspace, so you can keep the whole process in a streamlined order and focus on its enjoyable side. A customizable chart (area, bars, Japanese candlesticks and Heiken Ashi), a set of useful indicators, technical analysis window, and a right-side screen with educational content and support chat – these will constitute the basis for your profitable trading.

Education database and technical support

On the Olymp Trade platform, you can learn a great deal about various investment tools and strategies. A comprehensive educational database will be useful for a trader of any experience level: video tutorials, interactive chatbots, and webinars cover a vast range of topics. And you will not have to search far – all of this content is accessible easily, directly next to your trading chart.

The technical support will provide an expert solution to any issue you might have trouble with. Olymp Trade multilingual team is reachable via e-mail, phone and ready to assist you 24/7.

And more benefits

  • High payout rates per deal, reaching 80% for a standard account and 92% for a VIP account
  • A free full-featured demo-account, where you can hone your trader skills whenever necessary
  • Olymp Trade activities are supervised by the International Financial Commission, which guarantees the protection of traders’ rights
  • Since 2014, the excellent quality of services has been confirmed by 7 prestigious awards
  • A big choice of the payment instrument for your financial transactions, including bank cards and electronic wallets
  • Instant deposits and quick withdrawals – all of these operations are commission-free for the customer
  • The company is active in social media (Facebook, Youtube) where you can share knowledge and discuss any concern with your fellow traders

To sum up, the Olymp Trade platform has all you need to begin an online investor journey. Start with small steps and explore the full potential of the modern digital world!