About Us

About Us

What is Qrius?

We are a digital media house that publishes analysis, explanations and opinions on the most important issues of the day. We cover business, economics, policy, culture, technology, politics and foreign affairs.

What do we do?

We publish 2 editions each day.

Morning Edition: 10 articles at 8 am

These are the only ten news stories you need to know each day. Lucidly written and carefully curated, each story explains the news shaping your world each day. Each story will answer one critical question “Why should I care about this?”. Cut out the noise of your morning news consumption by reading our morning edition. News, explained.

Evening Edition: 10 articles at 6 pm

The ten long-form articles which will take you deep into the implications of the happenings around you by providing expert opinion on key issues as well as trends shaping the world.  Each article will tell you something new, making you smarter each evening.

Why do we exist?

Readers complain of three issues:

a) Lack of relevance: Readers complain that they are often flooded with too many news pieces that they don’t care about. Lack of relevance in the news media is a chief concern

b) Noise, Sensationalism & Fake News: Readers complain that the news they see around them often seems to be sensationalised to a point where they can no longer trust what they read. The emergence of fake news online has also made readers wary. They are no longer certain that they are reading the truth.

c) Bias: Readers feel that a lot of the media they encounter exhibits a bias that colours the reportage. Instead of being told what to think, readers want to understand all sides of an issue and make up their own mind.

We want to solve all three problems for readers. This brings us to our vision.

Our Vision

There are 3 things we believe in, each of which solves a problem that readers face today:

1. Relevance: We’ll publish only 20 stories a day, and each story will answer the question: “Why should I care?”. We’ll carefully curate stories to make sure we deliver to you the articles that you most care about.

2. Trust: We will focus on explaining to you everything you need to know about a subject. Stories will be deeply researched and well analysed. We’ll not publish a story till we assured of its veracity. On our platform, you will find analysis and information you can trust.

3. Balance: We will report stories with balance. You will not find bias creeping into stories.

What do you believe in?

1. Simplicity: We don’t believe in jargon. Lucid writing can convey more.

2. Explanation: Articles will endeavour to explain the implications of each piece of news.

3. Relevance:  We like to pick the big stories that you care about. There are too many pieces of news published each day. We’ll cut the noise and give you only the news we know you will care about.

What is your economic and political leaning?

We are classically liberal on the lines of the Austrian School of Economics. We support individual liberty and espouse a smaller role for the government. We support free markets and deregulation. These principles will drive our reporting and the editorial stance we take on issues.

We do not favour any political party. We take a balanced view while reporting on government policy. We are driven only by the agenda of helping our readers understand how the world around them is changing. Where we agree with an government initiative – we’ll let our readers know. Where we disagree – we’ll let our readers know. We do not believe in taking extreme positions.

Our History

Qrius started out with the brand name ‘The Indian Economist’ back in January of 2013. Initially focusing largely on economics, The Indian Economist drew a loyal following of readers who loved our well researched articles. Over a period of time, we diversified the content categories to encompass the 7 categories we cover today to enable us to serve readers with diverse interests. On the 25th of July in 2017, we changed our name from The Indian Economist to Qrius. You can read more about this here: Rebranding Note – The Indian Economist becomes Qrius

Where do you get your content from?

There are 3 primary sources.

1. In House Analysts: We have a talented team of over 100 Writing Analysts divided across the 7 categories we cover. Each category has two or more category editors who decide the topics to covered for a day, week and month. If there is a topic you wish to recommend for coverage, please mail us at [email protected]. We are always open to suggestions. If you wish to join our Writing Team, please refer to this page: ‘Work with Us’

2. Contributors: We invite experts from around the world to write for Qrius. We host over 600 contributors from more than 30 countries. Our contributors write authoritative analysis on subjects they specialise in. You can see our entire list of Contributors here: Contributors at Qrius.

3. Partners: Over 100 content sharing partnerships with organisations from across the world enable us to bring to you the most interesting articles published across the internet every day. Our team curates articles that would be most relevant our audience and republishes these with due credits to the original source.  


What is your team like?

The Qrius team consists of over 225 individuals from across 3 continents, 8 countries and more than 25 cities across the world. Our team brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. From engineering to journalism to commerce to management – our team brings together individuals passionate about helping readers understand the world. We are focused on fostering diversity in our team to bring together a broad range of voices that can help provide unique perspectives to our readers.

Our alumni base encompasses more than 5,000 individuals that have worked with us in the past. Our alumni now study or work in some of the most prestigious institutions globally.

To join our team, check out our ‘Work for Us’ page. We are happy to talk to you.

Who reads Qrius?

Articles on Qrius are read over a million times each month across more than 45 countries. We reach out to over two million individuals each month on social media where we are followed by over 285,000 individuals across Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and Instagram. Over 150,000 individuals have downloaded our two Android Apps, both of which are rated 4.85 from more than 18,000 reviewers.

Where can you find us on the web?

The best way to follow us regularly is through our Android App. It offers the best online reading experience you will find anywhere. Rated 4.9 by over 8,500 reviewers, the Qrius app is the only news app you need on your phone.

Email: Subscribe to our daily Email newsletter, delivered to you each morning at 8 am. It summarises the ten most important news stories of the day, giving you all the information you need for the rest of the day. Sign up here:

Social: We are available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us to be updated on the ten most interesting articles published on the web each. We publish all articles via Facebook Instant, giving you easy access to our content.

Web: All of our articles are available on our website. Do keep visiting regularly. We’ll give you a great reading experience, whether you are on a desktop or on mobile.

3rd Party Distribution Platforms: You can also find our articles published on the following platforms:

1. Google Newsstand

2. Apple News (Only in USA, UK and Australia as of now)

3. News 360

4. News Republic

5. UC Web Browser – News App

6. Daily Hunt

7. Magzter

8. JioNewsXpress

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