The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Cars in India in 2024

Luxury cars in India transcend mere vehicles; they embody status, elegance, and achievement. The market for luxury automobiles is thriving, with sales volumes steadily increasing. Multiple brands vie for attention, each offering a unique blend of opulence, performance, and exclusivity. From the sophisticated allure of Mercedes-Benz to the thrilling driving experience of BMW and Porsche, luxury car enthusiasts are spoiled for choice. Join us on an insightful journey as we explore the top luxury car brands shaping the Indian automotive landscape.

Luxury Car Brands in India

1. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz stands as the epitome of luxury in India, offering a diverse lineup that caters to varying tastes and preferences. From the elegant A-Class to the opulent Maybachs, Mercedes-Benz ensures there’s a model for every discerning buyer. The AMG line, known for its performance prowess, adds an exhilarating dimension to the brand’s portfolio. Noteworthy is the 4Matic system, enhancing the driving experience in SUVs like the GLS and G-Class.

Top 5 Mercedes-Benz Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Mercedes-Benz GLA ₹50.50 lakh
Mercedes-Benz C-Class ₹57 lakh
Mercedes-Benz E-Class ₹75 lakh
Mercedes-Benz GLC ₹73.50 lakh
Mercedes-Benz GLS ₹1.32 crore

2. Audi

Audi has carved a niche for itself in the Indian luxury car segment, characterized by understated elegance and refined design. Notable for its Q7 SUV, Audi exudes sophistication without compromising on performance. Advanced technology and Matrix LED headlamps underscore the brand’s commitment to innovation. Despite a reduced lineup post the BSVI emission norms, Audi continues to resonate well with Indian buyers.

Top 5 Audi Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Audi Q3 ₹43.81 lakh
Audi Q5 ₹65.18 lakh
Audi A7 ₹86.92 lakh
Audi A4 ₹45.34 lakh
Audi Q8 ₹1.07 crore

3. BMW

BMW’s reputation as the “Ultimate Driving Machine” precedes it, offering a thrilling blend of performance and luxury. From the iconic 3 Series to the luxurious 7 Series, BMW sets high standards in India’s luxury car landscape. Models like the M340i and M2 Coupe cater to enthusiasts, while eco-conscious buyers can opt for the i4 and i7 electric saloons.

Top 5 BMW Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
BMW X1 ₹49.50 lakh
BMW 3-Series ₹41.40 lakh
BMW 5-Series ₹65.38 lakh
BMW X3 ₹68.50 lakh
BMW X6 ₹1.04 crore

4. Lexus

Lexus, a luxury division of Toyota, brings Japanese craftsmanship and innovative engineering to the Indian market. Despite being relatively lesser-known, Lexus cars boast superior performance and hybrid powertrains. With offerings like premium sedans and SUVs, Lexus appeals to aficionados of sophistication and eco-friendliness.

Top 5 Lexus Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Lexus ES ₹63.10 lakh
Lexus LS ₹1.95 crore
Lexus LM ₹1.20 crore
Lexus LX ₹2.82 crore
Lexus LC ₹2.39 crore

5. Volvo

Renowned for safety and Scandinavian design, Volvo captivates Indian buyers with its luxurious interiors and cutting-edge technology. The brand’s emphasis on safety remains paramount, complemented by elegant yet minimalistic interiors. Volvo’s foray into electric vehicles with models like the XC40 Recharge signifies its commitment to sustainability.

Top 5 Volvo Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Volvo XC40 Recharge ₹54.95 lakh
Volvo C40 Recharge ₹62.95 lakh
Volvo XC60 ₹68.90 lakh
Volvo XC90 ₹1.00 crore
Volvo S90 ₹68.25 lakh

6. Jaguar

Jaguar, renowned for its iconic sports cars, adds a touch of passion to the Indian luxury car market. With models like the F-Pace, F-Type, and the all-electric I-Pace, Jaguar exemplifies distinctive design and performance. Despite its exclusivity, Jaguar continues to entice enthusiasts with its unmistakable style.

Jaguar Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Jaguar I-Pace ₹1.25 crore
Jaguar F-Pace ₹72.90 lakh
Jaguar F-Type ₹1.00 crore

7. Land Rover

Land Rover’s legacy in producing capable SUVs resonates with Indian buyers seeking adventure and luxury. From the versatile Discovery Sport to the iconic Range Rover, Land Rover combines off-road prowess with opulent interiors. The brand’s commitment to innovation ensures a seamless blend of performance and comfort.

Top 5 Land Rover Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Land Rover Defender ₹97.00 lakh
Land Rover Discovery Sport ₹67.90 lakh
Range Rover Velar ₹87.90 lakh
Range Rover Sport ₹1.69 crore
Range Rover ₹2.39 crore

8. Porsche

Porsche’s luxury cars epitomize speed and agility, making every drive exhilarating. With models like the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne, Porsche offers a blend of performance and refinement. From spirited driving dynamics to luxurious interiors, Porsche captivates enthusiasts with its unmistakable charm.

Top 5 Porsche Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Porsche Panamera ₹1.67 crore
Porsche Macan ₹88.00 lakh
Porsche Cayenne ₹1.35 crore
Porsche 718 Boxster ₹1.47 crore
Porsche 911 ₹1.86 crore

9. Bentley

Bentley’s legacy of handcrafted luxury continues to mesmerize Indian buyers seeking exclusivity. With models like the Bentayga and Continental GT, Bentley epitomizes opulence and craftsmanship. Each Bentley car is a testament to exquisite design and unparalleled comfort.

Top 5 Bentley Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Bentley Bentayga ₹4.10 crore
Bentley Bentayga EWB ₹5.86 crore
Bentley Flying Spur ₹5.25 crore
Bentley Continental GT ₹5.23 crore
Bentley Continental GTC ₹6.47 crore

10. Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce stands as the epitome of automotive luxury, offering unparalleled elegance and sophistication. With models like the Ghost, Phantom, and Cullinan, Rolls-Royce exemplifies craftsmanship and prestige. Each Rolls-Royce car is a masterpiece, commanding admiration and reverence.

Rolls-Royce Car Prices in India

Models Starting Price (INR)
Rolls-Royce Cullinan ₹6.95 crore
Rolls-Royce Ghost ₹6.95 crore
Rolls-Royce Phantom ₹8.99 crore
Rolls-Royce Spectre ₹7.50 crore


In conclusion, the luxury car market in India is characterized by discerning consumers who value performance, luxury, and prestige. With a diverse array of brands offering bespoke experiences, owning a luxury car in India is not merely about transportation but also a reflection of one’s status and taste. As the industry continues to evolve and new players enter the fray, competition is expected to intensify, driving innovation and enhancing the overall consumer experience.


Q. Which is the No. 1 luxury car in India?

A. Mercedes-Benz holds the title of the largest luxury car manufacturer in India based on annual sales.

Q. What are the 5 highest-selling luxury cars in India?

A. Commonly sighted luxury cars on Indian roads include the Mercedes-Benz GLC, C-Class, GLS, BMW 5-Series, and BMW 3-Series.

Q. Which luxury car is the cheapest in India?

A. The Audi Q3 holds the title of the cheapest luxury car in the Indian market, with a starting price of ₹43.81 lakh (ex-showroom).