Apple tops the Forbes list of world’s most valuable tech brands

Forbes magazine released its list of most valuable brands around the world for the year 2017, and Cupertino giant Apple has topped the list for seventh time in a row.

“Apple’s premium brand produces an average selling price of nearly $700 for its iPhones and helps the company generate more than 80% of industry smartphone profits,” said Forbes Senior Editor Kurt Badenhausen.

The list of 100 brands that cumulatively have a value of $1.95 trillion features some of the most popular firms and, not surprisingly, has tech companies bagging the top positions.

“Technology brands continue to rank as the most valuable in the world with nine of the top 15,” said Badenhausen.

Here’s a list of the top most valuable tech brands of 2017:

1. Apple

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Technology giant Apple has a brand value of $170 billion, registering a 10 per cent gain from last year.

2. Google

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Search engine Google comes in second with a brand value of $101.8 billion. It registered a gain of 23 per cent over last year.

3. Microsoft

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Microsoft secured the third position on the list with a brand value of $87 billion. The world’s leading software firm also witnessed a modest gain of 10 per cent.

4. Facebook

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Social media giant Facebook is now the world’s fourth most valuable company with a brand value of $73.5 billion. The firm was able to gain a massive 40 per cent over last year, driven by Facebook’s recent move of expanding its services.

5. Amazon

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E-commerce website Amazon comes in at fifth on Forbes’ list of most valuable tech brands. The online shopping behemoth is also the sixth most valuable company in the world with a brand value of $54.1 billion. Amazon registered a year-on-year gain of a staggering 54 per cent.

6. Samsung

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The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has secured sixth spot on the list with the brand value of $38.2 billion. The company has gained six per cent year-on-year.

7. General Electric

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The American multinational conglomerate General Electric registered three per cent year-on-year growth, and has a brand value of $37.9 billion.

8. AT&T

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With the brand value of $36.7 billion AT&T, an American telecom service provider, secured 8th spot on the list. The company achieved considerable growth of 12 per cent during the year.

9. IBM

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Despite experiencing 20% negative growth, the global technology and innovation company IBM got 9th place on the list with a brand value of $33.3 billion.

10. Intel

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On tenth place is the California-based chip maker Intel with the brand value of $31.4 billion. The company registered 13% year-on-year growth.

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