Hai Nakash: Leading Businesses to Global Breakthroughs with Data-Driven Strategies for Tech Entrepreneurs

As an expert with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and tech entrepreneurship, I have guided numerous business owners in Israel and abroad to break into new international markets. My name is Hai Nakash, I lead the company ZmiAlpha, and in this article, I will share my insights and strategies for creating a comprehensive, data-driven marketing system to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Among other topics, we will also discuss some of the latest developments in the field, so you can understand how to enter new markets and experience business growth beyond Israel’s borders, at a level you have only dreamed of until now.

Every Strong International Business Strategy Starts with Understanding the Landscape

The first step in international expansion is understanding the new market beyond the basic metrics of demographics or economics; I mean a deep understanding of all the cultural nuances, consumer behavior, regulatory environment, and use of technological tools among your target audience in the country where you are aiming for a business breakthrough.

To prepare properly, you must know how to use data analysis tools. Together with my team, we use the most innovative tools that allow us to collect and interpret vast amounts of data to make informed decisions. By analyzing trends on social networks, search engine data, and e-commerce behavior, we identify specific opportunities and challenges for each market in each country.

Localization is Key

Anyone who knows me knows that the name Hai Nakash is synonymous with local digital marketing, and if you think I’m talking about translating your website into another language, think again. No. I’m talking about adapting your brand message to fit the values and beliefs of the local audience.

Tools like Google Market Finder can suggest markets where your product may perform well, but it’s the data-driven adjustments to their ad campaigns that will produce the meaningful results you want to achieve.

Different types of A/B testing of your ads, website landing pages, and even your product offerings reveal the precise data that shows your new audience’s true areas of interest.

Leveraging Local Platforms

Understanding and leveraging local platforms can significantly increase your reach. In China, for example, platforms like WeChat and Alibaba are essential for digital marketing and e-commerce. Similarly, in Russia, Yandex is a more powerful search engine than Google, and each of these platforms offers unique tools and analytics for businesses to effectively target their audience.

I also recommend hiring local influencers to showcase your brand well, to enhance your credibility and visibility in the new market. To illustrate, take note of a case that happened to us in Brazil:

Business Expansion to Brazil with Local Influencers

A European cosmetics brand, known for its organic ingredients, sought our guidance in penetrating the Brazilian market. Despite a strong presence in Europe, the brand was virtually unknown in Brazil. Recognizing the power of local influencers in shaping consumer preferences, we created a marketing strategy based on hiring influencers to market the company’s products.

The content we created highlighted the unique benefits of the products through personal stories, tutorials, and recommendations tailored to the Brazilian audience. We created an entire series of videos for Instagram and TikTok and launched marketing campaigns aimed at encouraging massive engagement from the Brazilian public.

The campaign generated significant buzz, reaching over 10 million potential customers across Brazil, with results of a 300% increase in website traffic from Brazil and a 150% increase in sales during the first month of the campaign.

Mobile Marketing Tactics

Any digital marketing strategy must prioritize mobile optimization, as this is the preferred communication method for consumers today, meaning mobile marketing strategies should include mobile-friendly websites, mobile apps, and location-based services.

Data analytics can help tailor these efforts to user behavior and maximize engagement and conversion rates.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing personalized marketing. By analyzing customer data, businesses can predict buying behavior and personalize marketing messages on an unprecedented scale.

AI algorithms can streamline marketing campaigns with a focus on allocating your marketing budget to the most effective strategies.

Hai Nakash Summarizes in a Few Words

International business expansion is a challenging but rewarding process. By leveraging data-driven marketing strategies, focusing on localization, and staying up-to-date with all the latest trends, business owners can enter new markets and establish a lasting presence.

The digital age offers unprecedented opportunities for global business development, and with the right approach and guidance from a team of experts, there is no target in the world that you cannot conquer.