Under the Detrimental Eye of Hustle Culture…

Arsheen Abdul

If you have been an active social media user, you might have come across aspirational videos of becoming ‘that girl’ or content that seemingly ‘motivates’ you to work harder-at least once.

For those who might be new to ‘hustle culture’, the movement is a wave of driving people to push their boundaries, work hard, harder and even more, push themselves to overwork. Although the question remains, is this content really aspirational or motivational?

The Influence Of Social Media

Social media is now ever-growing, connecting different worlds of different people and has somehow brought about the glorification of hustle culture. When in reality, it’s just cosplaying a romanticized version of working mindlessly until burnout.

We live in a day and age where overworking has become a trend that everyone tries to fit into, to the point where only a few handfuls truly identify it as the rising problem it is. ‘Being all about that hustle’ or ‘on the grind’ is often looked up to as the only way to truly find success or respect in life.

With a rise in influencers and their audience that remains true to their role of being influenced, overworking yourself has become a rather casual in-and-out of people’s daily lives. With companies and many agencies promoting the ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle, it’s bound to have an equally opposite reaction in the form of burnout.

Burning Out Is A Reality

Besides being unrealistic in nature to maintain over the long run, there’s no denying how our excessive need to be productive on a constant is getting the best of us, doing the opposite of keeping us on our productive toes.

This ultimately leads to a decline in our mental health, indirectly affecting our physical health as well.

I was taught to feel inspired by the leaders who were on the brink of burnout

Nadya Okamoto (Writer for Byrdie), who describes herself as a recovering workaholic

In light of this fast-paced life being encouraged, a realistic way of life that shows progress step-by-step seems to be dying out and discouraged.

The Cycle Of Self-Critique

As someone who has been under their own critical eye of having to execute everything to perfection, another downside of the rising culture, it has been a year-long journey, still in progress, to unlearn the shortcomings of the culture, the hype and compulsiveness around it.

Showcasing lifestyles and daily activities of oneself seems to sow the seed of self-doubt and imposter syndrome that grows deeper and further. It has in fact convinced us to dedicate our lives to pulling in productivity around-the-clock, which still doesn’t seem to be enough and that is the crux of the culture.

Is hustle culture here to stay? Who’s to say. But, what can you do to reject it and keep your work-life balance?

Understand that a slow-paced life isn’t impossible and more advisable. Does the key lie in realizing and accepting the difference between working hard and overworking?

Very much so.

21 years and nearly 15 nicknames later, Arsheen likes to pre-plan almost everything in her life. From obsessing over sci-fi novels to writing poetry, you can find @itsarshh on Instagram for her aesthetic tidbits and love for writing and creative direction.

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