SUV vs Sedan: Which Car is Most Suitable for You?

If you are thinking about getting a new car then it’s likely that you might at some point be considering either a sport utility vehicle (SUV) or a sedan as one of your possible choices.

It can of course be tricky to find the most appropriate vehicle. There are so many great models and styles to choose from. 

If you are choosing between SUV and sedan then this blog is great for you. Read on as we look at some of the pros and cons of each particular vehicle type.

The Styling

To be fair SUVs have been around in one form or another for quite sometime now. However, in recent times they really have been eating into the sedan market place, converting many buyers from the saloon variants.

Very often the styling of an SUV is more extrovert than that of a sedan. Manufacturers can “get away” with making their vehicles really stand out in what has become a crowded segment.

Whereas sedan vehicles tend to be a little more stayed in their looks. It is perhaps because of the fact that they generally have more market share that the manufacturers don’t want to risk too much with style and form.

If you are fairly conservative in your approach to life then it’s likely that you will stick with a sedan. But, if you feel you have a little more individuality then an SUV could be a great choice.

Performance and Drive

In most cases, there doesn’t tend to be much difference between the initial performance of an SUV versus its sedan counterpart. This is because most manufacturers use the same engines across their range.

However, what you will likely notice is that the SUV is set up to offer a more sporty ride. Suspension will be firmer and there could be subtle differences in the way that the car deals with different road quality.

Some SUVs are used in an “off-road” environment, which is why they often feature All-Wheel Drive (AWD) or 4WD options. These vehicles are definitely set-up to provide a sportier drive.

Sedans have always thought to provide a softer suspension, to help soak up the bumps and imperfections in the roads we drive. Combined with the fact that some of these cars almost “drive themselves” with the plethora of safety features it is no surprise that they appeal to drivers that do a lot of mileage.

Load Carrying

Whichever vehicle you buy, it is certain that you will need to use its load-carrying capacity at some point.

SUVs tend to offer a more practical approach to helping the driver to load up their vehicle, split-folding rear seats and a “hatchback” type opening make for a great combination. Remember, if you are a sports enthusiast then there is always the chance that you will need to carry your kit, or even a bike. SUVs are perfect for these types of loads.

Sedans have become more practical over the years, with most offering a split folding rear seat for longer loads. The downside is that these are saloon vehicles and the rear boot opening is always going to be restrictive to the size of load you have.

Resale and Popularity

Buying a new car is one thing, but at some point, you will also be thinking of selling it on or trading it in for your next car.

Some of the more funkier SUVs might only be suitable for a nice market of buyers, this can have a negative effect on the sale value you might get.

However, sedans tend to be a safer bet for resale. Even though SUVs are more popular than ever they still have a long way to go to catch up with sedans for saleability.

The Wrap Up

Making the choice over SUV or sedan is always going to be an individual thing. 

There might be some sound reasons for choosing either vehicle type, but ultimately it is down to the type of driver and driving that you do.

We would always recommend to have a test drive of both to get a better idea on which you feel most comfortable with.