Road to 2024: Can BJP Secure a Hat-trick in Gujarat Elections?

Gujarat, the bastion of the BJP, gears up for the third phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections with polling scheduled on May 7. This western state has consistently rallied behind its stalwarts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, propelling the BJP to landslide victories in the previous two elections, clinching all 26 seats on offer.

BJP’s Early Triumph: Surat Unopposed

Ahead of the polls, the BJP has already notched a victory, securing the Surat seat unopposed, setting the stage for its electoral dominance.

The Hat-trick Ambition

The BJP sets its sights on a hat-trick, leveraging the pride of Gujarati identity, the enduring popularity of PM Modi, and the party’s stellar performance in the 2022 Gujarat assembly elections. Conversely, the Congress eyes an opportunity, banking on voter fatigue, disenchantment among Kshatriyas, and an alliance with the AAP.

Gujarat: BJP’s Fort Since 1991, Forte Since 2014

Since 1984, when Congress swept the state, the BJP has steadily gained ground, surpassing Congress in every subsequent election. Notably, in 2019, Gujarat stood alongside three other states where the BJP clinched every seat, commanding over 50% of the vote share.

Congress’s Bid for Revival: Banking on KHAM

A recent controversy surrounding caste dynamics in Gujarat has injected fresh energy into Congress’s strategy. With the BJP facing backlash from Kshatriyas, Congress sees an opportunity to revive the KHAM vote bloc and potentially sway SC/ST communities by highlighting concerns about reservation policies.

AAP’s Influence and Alliance Dynamics

The AAP’s emergence in Gujarat has disrupted traditional vote banks, particularly impacting Congress’s performance in the 2022 assembly polls. With both Congress and AAP contesting in the upcoming elections, alliance dynamics could significantly influence the electoral landscape.

Cadre Discontent and Political Uncertainty

Both BJP and Congress face internal dissent, with dissatisfaction among cadres and candidates casting shadows of uncertainty over the electoral process.

Can Congress-AAP Alter the Status Quo?

The magnitude of BJP’s lead in Gujarat poses a formidable challenge for any opposition alliance. However, even marginal shifts in vote shares could potentially alter the outcome, prompting speculation about the BJP’s invincibility in the state.


Q: What is the significance of the Gujarat election date 2024?

A: The Gujarat election date 2024 marks a crucial juncture in Indian politics, especially considering the BJP’s stronghold in the state and its implications for the national political landscape.

Q: How has the BJP performed historically in Gujarat?

A: Since the 1991 elections, the BJP has steadily expanded its influence in Gujarat, culminating in dominant victories in recent years, solidifying its status as the state’s preeminent political force.

Q: What factors are driving the BJP’s electoral strategy in Gujarat?

A: The BJP’s strategy in Gujarat revolves around leveraging regional pride, the popularity of key leaders like PM Modi, and the party’s track record of governance and development initiatives.

Q: How does the Congress plan to challenge the BJP’s dominance?

A: Congress aims to capitalize on voter disillusionment and forge alliances to broaden its support base, particularly among marginalized communities, while also exploiting internal divisions within the BJP.

Q: What role does the AAP play in Gujarat politics?

A: The AAP’s presence in Gujarat introduces a new dynamic, potentially reshaping traditional electoral equations and posing a challenge to established political players like the BJP and Congress.

Q: What are the potential outcomes of the 2024 elections in Gujarat?

A: The election outcomes in Gujarat could range from a reaffirmation of BJP’s dominance to a more competitive scenario with significant gains for opposition parties, depending on voter sentiments and alliance dynamics.


As Gujarat braces for yet another electoral showdown, the stage is set for a high-stakes battle between the BJP and its challengers. With the state’s political landscape poised for potential upheaval, the 2024 elections promise to be a defining moment in India’s political trajectory.