Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Full Schedule: Raigad to Vote in Phase 3 (May 7) and Phase 4 (May 13) | Nagpur News – Times of India

Unveiling the Electoral Timeline

The Election Commission of India has set the stage for the much-anticipated Lok Sabha Elections 2024. With the nation’s pulse quickening in anticipation, the electoral journey unfolds across seven distinct phases, commencing on April 19 and culminating on June 1, encompassing a vast landscape of 543 constituencies.

Raigad’s Electoral Dates: Mark Your Calendars

Raigad Constituencies and Their Pivotal Dates

Raigad District, a geographical mosaic divided into two formidable Lok Sabha constituencies, Raigad and Maval, stands as a testament to the vibrancy of democratic engagement.

Raigad Constituency:

  • Election Date: May 7, 2024 (Phase 3)

Maval Constituency:

  • Election Date: May 13, 2024 (Phase 4)

A Glimpse into the Political Arena: The Contenders

Meet the Contenders for Raigad’s Lok Sabha Seat

In the battle for Raigad’s Lok Sabha seat, notable personalities step onto the political stage, each carrying their aspirations and convictions.


  • Anant Gite: Shiv Sena (UBT)
  • Sunil Dattatray Tatkare: NCP

Past Winners:

Tatkare Sunil Dattatray:

  • Year: 2019
  • Party: NCP

Anant Geete:

  • Year: 2014
  • Party: SHS

Raigad: A Constituency Profile

Exploring Raigad’s Significance in Maharashtra’s Political Landscape

Raigad constituency emerges as a cornerstone among Maharashtra’s 48 Lok Sabha constituencies, symbolizing the region’s diverse socio-political fabric.

FAQs: Addressing Key Voter Queries

1. When is the Election Date in Mumbai 2024?

The Election Date in Mumbai 2024 falls on May 7 for Raigad constituency and May 13 for Maval constituency.

2. How Many Phases Will the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Span?

The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will span across seven phases, reflecting a meticulous electoral process to ensure widespread participation and fair representation.

3. Who Are the Front-Runners in Raigad’s Electoral Race?

The front-runners vying for Raigad’s Lok Sabha seat include Anant Gite from Shiv Sena (UBT) and Sunil Dattatray Tatkare from NCP, each bringing their unique vision for the constituency’s progress.

4. What Constitutes Raigad’s Political Landscape?

Raigad’s political landscape encompasses a rich tapestry of issues ranging from infrastructural development to social welfare, resonating deeply with the electorate’s aspirations.

5. How Does Raigad Contribute to Maharashtra’s Political Dynamics?

Raigad’s electoral dynamics play a pivotal role in shaping Maharashtra’s political narrative, amplifying the region’s voice on the national stage.

6. What Significance Do Past Winners Hold for Raigad’s Electorate?

Past winners like Tatkare Sunil Dattatray and Anant Geete serve as guiding beacons, their tenure shaping Raigad’s trajectory and influencing voter sentiments.

Conclusion: Embracing the Democratic Rhythm

As the electoral fervor surges, Raigad stands poised at the cusp of a transformative journey, where every ballot cast echoes the collective aspirations of its citizens. With the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 beckoning, let us embrace the democratic rhythm, each vote a testament to the enduring spirit of democracy.